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They're actually getting underway. Today this is the portion of the media practice or at least a portion of the week practice that will be available to the media so tons of news gonna break as the day continues to go on today lots of observations to get into. We don't have the luxury of reacting to those tom. But we do have a couple of newsworthy items number. One the fact that we have passed the june first date here on the nfl calendar means a couple of things number one players can be delegated debated you know there will be no more designated. June one cuts right. If anybody that's cut at this point it'll be a post jim. One cut the second portion of that though that is important of the dallas cowboys is signing free agents will no longer count against your potential compensation formula when it comes to compensatory picks and in recent years the cowboys have been much more mindful of this date in regards to signing free agents than they have been in the past. Does that mean they might finally be willing to pursue a richard sherman type of player here in free agency. Time will tell. Tom shakes his head. No but time will tell on that front. We'll have to see how these guys look in. Ota's right before the cowboys. Decide where they may go but the other news. We got this week. And i wanted to just touch on it because i know our guys on the wednesday podcast talk in the boys. Donald miller coal patterson. They took a deep dive into leighton vander esch and the rumor that the cowboys had been shopping him. This offseason real quickly tom. Just from a reactionary standpoint. Good idea for the cowboys to shopping. Leighton vander esch player. Who's essentially costing them less than four hundred dollars on the cap is actually the opposite of what was going on. Pins were asking. Are you interested in a trait and the cowboys. Basically said no Which might seem surprising some because they didn't pick up with this year option which is a good indicator that he's gonna have a hard time proving his stay with the team and he has a good year he probably prices himself out the free agent market. The problem is it all. You're gonna get for him. This what like fourth fifth draft picks twenty twenty two or something like that the cowboys right now have five linebackers that i would say if they're all healthy. They're on the tape. That's jalen smith lake. Van rich kiana. Neil and the to draft picks. Mike parsons broke. Hawks in is about the minimum you can roll with If there's anybody else that gets into the conversation like Francis bernard or luc gifford or maybe they gotta utsa name. Anthony is. They're probably going to be making the argument to carry a six special teams ace linebacker and i just don't think there's a whole lot to to worry about that. So yeah i think it was. Just it was a comment. That was made The part of it that kind of struck me as odd was that the cowboys have plans for him in the future and no. I don't think they have plans because they've just about set it up so the ease probably gone either because they've decided to move on and find a hopefully better option or because he's going to be too expensive limited to retain agent. That's just my age now on the whole thing about are they gonna sign anybody else. I think we're going to see a fairly quiet time. You know they just picked up by a wide receiver who was seemed to be nothing more than a camp body that little slot. But i don't think we'll see anything happen until we get into training and they start finding out that. Oh we've got this problem. We didn't anticipate or oh. We suddenly got a deeper room over here than we thought we had. And start putting out feelers to see what somebody would offer fire So i think from that aspect of personnel Things are going to be fairly quiet probably until we get into all this. Unfortunately the most likely reason mice suddenly get active in the market is because of an injury you know would hope it doesn't happen but it's right now. I think they've got what they want to go into oxnard with and will always gonna be excited to see Plays out like said we still up the ota's to finish up and then we'll have the minicamp which i assume we'll have coverage so we'll get some hints with these are all limited Careful practices so to speak trying to avoid inbreeding all costs and they're just training so you know we're coming up on the real action and you know the big data going to be the three cut down bites they have and now cut down to eighty five and then eighty and then they the final which basically as after each of the three degrees. So that's what we're waiting for. See how belts. What the nfl. Got that right in doing that the way that they did. Because there's going to be a lot of intrigue essentially after every preseason game right even if we're not locked into the action on the field and we won't be passed the first or second quarter for the most part It does add a level of intrigue to know that there will be almost a built in newsworthy discussion to be had every week. Following a preseason game my thoughts on the elbow v stuff. I can certainly understand why the cowboys i'm not necessarily in the same camp that agrees with you that says it was only other teams being interested. Right i've been the cowboys. Probably were willing to entertain that conversation and maybe even reach out themselves and say. Hey if you're willing to give x right a second or third rounder. Then maybe we would be willing to listen but at the same time. I tend to agree with you that they're not exactly dealing. I think the perception is incorrect. That the cowboys are extremely deep at the linebacker position. Not just enough. They're just enough to sustain. Unin injury may do that is essentially desperation mode. So i actually agree with the idea that they should be shopping. These players even if i might like to be rid of laden or jalen right. Because they're not exactly dealing from a position of strength in.

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