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We got another major. This week the pga championship set for kia weiland on the ocean. Course rory mcilroy and twenty twelve won the won the title. They're an eight stroke victory and guess. Which player is back in form. The aforementioned rory mcilroy but what. I want to talk about here. James is the fact that we've now got range finders. Being allowed for the first time that'll be at this week's pga championship. I don't think i like that. But we'll we'll let you have i go out of. What do you think well on the surface. It looks like they should have done a long time. Everyone's been been popping off about that. Let them use rain. Want to pick up the the speed of play golf and baseball. Have the number one thing that they're that they're trying to do. All the time is is speed up. Play right that and curling with along with the long games. So that's their number one thing. All the time is just to make sure that what we're putting in doesn't slow play down and but more what we can do to speed up the game because it looks it loses audience right when when it's so slow and it loses tv and all sorts of stuff so people kept saying we'll let them use range finders right and the rank amateurs like me and you and many others go absolutely. That's a great idea. And then when. I read the piece i went. Of course. it's not gonna make a difference of course will make no difference at all if if you've ever seen a golf which you have and you see both of them have a book. The cat has the book. The player has the book. And you go here. We go again flipping out the books. you know. And and the what they're checking for is these books have a sh- each green is diagrammed on on a page in this book. Okay and what it shows you. You'd see a bunch of sweeping arrows all over there which shows break okay. Put they know the pin positions are going to be. They have little arrows from every direction. Saying okay it's gonna break left right there blah blah blah knowing that but it has distanced from the the front of the green to where the pin is twenty five back from the front and fourteen in from the left. Okay and for pros. There's a bunch of other yardages that they ask for. All the time steve that you and i would never give a shit about the always want to know how far it is to the front edge of the green they. There's other things they wanna know how far it is to carry over a bunker. You know what's the what's the what's the distance or to carry that trap all all sorts of stuff and and that's a good point and carries a bunch of you know big players bryson to boys see webb simpson. Weighed in on this thing roy. Mcelroy's caddy the all said. It won't make any difference at all unless you snap..

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