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Beef with your article was you had Laremy Tunsil at number two, and Xavi and Howard who just got paid line with what is the best contract for a corner in the league. Yes. Avian Howard at number four things. Avian Howard is proven more than bam on a bio at three. He's proven more certainly than Laremy Tunsil. He's right. A Barkov I think is a clear number one. Why did you put that there was that just you projecting Tunsil and bam to be better than saving Howard to be better than someone who's paid best at his position? Well, Tunsil is going to be paid the mound to extend tonsils contract. And, and make him a possibly the best paid left tackle. I think tonsils done as much as exhibiting Howard tonsils the, the best tackle not to make a Pro Bowl, yet similar, because playing for the dolphins you're sort of a no man's land, but you certainly could make an argument that Howard should be the highest rank dolphin. You know, the whole list is subjective, you know, and I wrestled with a lot of well, should my guy ranked thirteenth be hire them. I guy ranked night, you know, but I. Want it to be a conversation piece. You know, I want fans to read this and say, wow. This guy's rank way to lie. Or this guy's ranked a little low south Florida sports. Thanks you in the next segment. I want to tackle something with Greg, Cody that he doesn't really tackle because he's notoriously. He hasn't seen a movie in the theaters. Sing since swing vote the Kevin Costner via. But I wonder if he's seen, because I know your big Elton John fan, right? Rocket man. We get your thoughts on rocket man. Next. Donlevatar. Okay. John. Yeah. That's a good question. I was going to ask that is everything. Okay. Oh, cough night, allergies. So it makes me okay. No problem, Stu. Gods? You'll get. Yeah. Y-. Okay. Jeff yoga. How about you? I'm thanks for your concern. Never had anyone I've never met this concerned over the house. I appreciate it. Okay. I'm a big fan. Let me now I'm not okay. I don't care how I'm doing anyway. More. True. Even now. She sees the donlevatar show with stugatz on the ticket, Greg. I have a bit of a conundrum that I'd like your help with your along with the listeners of possible. Seven eight six four five six four three seven. I thought about making this a helping container but I don't want to abuse the power of the helping container and the help from the audience. So I'm not going to do that. Also, I need the help and usually I am moderating. The helping container. So it would be difficult. So here's the deal. I'll just give you a quick little back story. This weekend was a long weekend, obviously. And I went to siesta key, Florida lovely place. It was very nice, whether it was great. So when I was there we were, you know, preparing to have Long Beach days, and I went, and we took a tent to, to go have our, our beach days, and I was setting up the tent and I quickly realized I left a very important aspect of the tent behind. Can you guess what I left behind Greg, you probably left behind the hammer that pounds in the pegs more? Than that. I left the stakes behind that would hold down the tent themselves. Oh, yeah. And an a helpful friend Samis struggling with the fact that the ten it was a windy day. And the tent was kinda kept getting picked up by the wind. So he said, hey, I have extra stakes if you'd like to borrow them. I said, oh my God. Thank you. You're an angel. Why don't know if I said that. Exactly. But I was thinking he wasn't ngelo. So then the day, you know, we had a nice day. He was next to me him, and his family were next to me. We shared hamburgers stranger Aures. Yeah. I didn't know him. And then I saw him panta packing.

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