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Excellent How charming but that big? But here's the thing. The first guy loved him. He's a great guy wants to bring his eighty seven year old dad. They're all great eagle fan. But now is that going on his case because he was falling asleep during the game because he's working so hard. Sure, I can give it to a guy. That's not intense enough to stay away, especially if he's doing all the driver. Do you follow Kevin Kevin's hanging in for the hour? He's been here from the start. He would like to go to the game high cab. Good morning. Angelo. Do you wanna take this road trip? Kevin. Oh, yes. Definitely. Oh, yeah. You kidding me? All dude in a heartbeat. You probably today if I had this. All right. Who would you go? Brother with me, and my older brother, speaking on half driving each is is four years older. But you know, we can both do driving. Did he have help you to become a big eagles fan? Yeah. Growing up even though he's still four years older. He was saying like seventy five I was born nineteen seventy at temple hospital Philadelphia. So I'm just saying be kidding me. I've been a eagles fan my whole life. I'm forty eight years old now. So what were you doing Sunday when the ball hit off the upright near oh, I was on my chair. But I thought the season was over like everybody else. And everybody did that they did enter liars. 'cause I thought here we go next year. But then I look I look the way that I look back. I was like it's going to hit the thing. And it did it hit the post then I start cursing at the teams, and then I try calling this workspace. But it was very busy essay. But I'm curious to unveil yesterday with some mixed results. I showed a photo of myself with my lucky underwear. Are you are the eagles lucky when you go to games? Kevin. How do you do when you go to they win? Yeah. Pretty much. I would say like half and half. I would say, good luck charm. Kind of goody honest. What do you do for Levin? I do roofing hardware. Wow. That is hard work. It's hard hard work. You can climb ladders. And and you know, just working. That's hard work is a lot easier than what you guys do. There is much hotter. Kevin I'm curious when it snows. Do you not work? Yeah. Yeah. We do we do inside work to we do inside work, or or we showed a rusoff because people have had to route Shelby for weeks, or doesn't, you know fall in inside roof end now, but they work the ceiling. Another at the other end you never worked. Show. I just we will we do everything. Really? So we're. Anyway. The bottom line. I liked the brother thing a lot. I left. I guess the last thing I want to know is how much fun would you be on a road trip? I mean. Thirty six hours roundtrip. Did you guys talk about what kind of things would happen in the caucus egos? Well, Well, I I have some Russell Russell keep doing music. But yeah, some rush music talk just talking go back and forth in this. You know, what what you doing road trips and you can't drink though, no drinking or nothing. So no dri rules on that. I wouldn't I wouldn't even do that. You can't. I like a the guy with the great brother situation. Kevi stay on hold. You're under serious consideration is rush Canadian band. I think that I'm just guessing that would work against them in your estimate, rather he talked. I.

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