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Or your favorite podcast app to be sure you don't miss a single episode all right so we are back and we're gonna talk about the forty niners who all of a sudden are in prime playoff spot so the cardinal it helps because the card is lost the patriots and tampa bay lost. But i'm not sure how big of a deal that is. Because i i imagine it's gonna come down to the forty niners the vikings and the cardinals. We are probably not going to have an eighteenth week where there is an eighth seed added because the nfl is not very smart and despite having a seriously over twenty buzzfeed cova tests the ravens. Steelers have just keeps getting postponed postponed their plan wednesday. So unlikely unless there's another which i mean the with the way things are trending who knows but anyway where do the forty niners playoff odds currently stand akash super bowl. I mean i feel like that's where the mood has shifted in the in forty niners. Twitter land All of a sudden they win one game and it's like class but they're still very much on the outside looking in. It's good that they're finally on those like in the hunt graphics like espn puts up or like fox puts up when they when they talk about playoff scenarios. They finally made it so Like you mentioned And football factors which we all love Does their playoff simulations so the niners now have an eighteen percent chance of making the playoffs And it's basically you know if they get in it's going to be as that number seven while in the wildcard As a result of their win against the rams Their playoff odds increased by about fourteen percent. So they were dead in the water and they got a win now all of a sudden they have one in five shot of making the playoffs basically And now as we look forward to playoff scenarios and i'm sure as many fans out there who are going through all the combinations. I always think of the picture where i forget what it's from. There's the guy sitting in the office with like in front of like the pinball a ton of crap on the wall and he's like freaking out like that's what i imagine And so nine hundred five and six right now. there's two other teams that are five and six the bears who they may not win a game matt nagy calling out his team they may turn on him completely so i think the bears fall off the vikings who are five and six. They're kind of up and down. But you know. They have mike zimmer and kirk cousins you never know they have games against the saints and the buccaneers later on in the season so they have a tough games left and again if they lose one or two of those. They're probably out of the mix. Which i expect to happen so i think it personally it comes down to arizona san francisco area zona. Who has a game lead on the niners sitting at six and five. They have two games left against the rams in the division They have a game against the giants. I believe which new york is a tough out. I think giants probably going to be in the playoff mix in their own division. So that's not just like a given w also play the niners later on the season which will probably have major playoff implications so just looking kind of at the other teams who are in the mix. I think the niners can get there if they can win. Four of their next five games. I think kyle's at ten wins. I think nine and seven will get you there and now the question is can they get to nine seven and what some of the injury issues we talked about earlier. One of the things had mentioned earlier. Was that jimmy garoppolo. George get will not return until the last few weeks of the season Which means that. Nick mullins is going to have to win you. Two of the next three games. Assuming garoppolo can out The last two weeks. So do you think that nick mullins can win two of the games and then somehow lead this forty niners team to the playoffs. The good news is against buffalo. He won't have to because anybody can run on buffalo you gash buffalo on the ground and the defense should be like it'll be up to the defense to get stops and it won't be like the onus won't be on nick mullins i imagine in the same way it was against the rams so we saw mullins last week. Might be the last time where he's asked. you know. Lead the team to come back so we got that out of the way. I was like who we're like. We have the bills now. It's the bills. Are i wanna make it clear. Like they're a good team and they have playmakers talk about them but matchup wise is what the nfl is about in the same sense that the rams are a bad match up for the forty niners are very good matchup in most spots anyway and the reason i brought up the vikings and i know they're they're five and six much like the forty niners so they still have a for the jaguars on sunday. Let's say that that's a win. Six and six then they play the bucks loss. Probably seven and six there. They have a couple coin. Flip game so they play the bears and the lions and that sow in between the saints or sandwiched in between there. So they're they're probably gonna lose to the saints. I don't like the there probably beat the the bears just because the bears. The bears haven't won a game in ten years. It seems like and the lines aren't very good either. So it'll i think the vikings will be there. I think their defense is flying better too. So that'll be something to keep an eye on. But i don't watch arizona. They make so many knuckle headed plays like they always find a way to lose a game in a you know with the way that they're trending. I trust the rams more than them. So i think they're gonna lose the rams and i imagine when the niners they're not gonna get swept by cardinal that. I just don't see that happen. I know that the cardinals are much better. I know that they're probably not going to you. Know look anywhere near that. They did in one when teams played. But i just don't think that they're as good as their record appear. So i i am with you. I think the ford guys have a much better chance than a week ago. I think it actually comes out before. Now is the vikings and it's going to be if the forty niners the cardinals. I think that that would be the trailer i think. That's what will get them over the hump and that's assuming that the vikings go in the same That nine and seven eight nate If they in a beating the saints and oh boy we we might have problems. So do you know. I don't know that the tiebreakers of the you know the head to head division conference whatever. It is for the vikings and the forty niners. And obviously we'll be able to sort that out as we get a few weeks down. But i lean forty niners just because better. Coaching better players. Like that's another thing. They have a ton of good players. And i don't feel like people understand that the reason that they are able to even retaining this conversation is because for the united stevens like their stack on defense. They have a ton of weapons on offense. They do have a good offensive line. They just haven't had a quarterback to hide the same issues. That other that other quarterbacks are able to. We're seeing videos. Every week of mahomes making these crazy backpedaling throws as he's under pressure or we. See that with a few quarterbacks davis because that's not a fair comparison to took a pair of the best quarterback shoot kirk. Cousins makes plays with a poor office of line so As soon as we see a quarterback able to elevate the town that's here..

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