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And it caffeine. Doesn't. It's not like that doesn't have that effect, but when you drink I like a lot of water. A lot obviously so when you drink more water towards the end of the day you get out of your bed every half hour, and if you don't fall asleep, then you gotta get Outta bed. Take a Piss, and if you do fall asleep, you wake up early like three o'clock and go take this, and that's what happens if you drink water before bed, people. Learn you have issues. Before, but Oh, bull man when you're in. Every night I'll also stays hydrated sleeping routine. Obviously when you're boozing should be drinking water before bed, but I don't know how you guys on just a regular day. You're just chugging a bottle of water before better. Than What are you guys? Wake up every night at two am and take a piss. Take a nice. Bed and then you know. What are you just sleep right through the night? I, mean believe me. No, and then I've been trying to and water was the thing that was getting me up for a little. You support my point. Every night at a big abyss, yeah! Drink I like that though I enjoy it, I do I. DO ENJOY WAKING UP. Not Reset your sleep. Yeah, it does. They. Do say you're out of bad dream I have a battery anymore. Sleep an hour and a half increments, so no one is ever so that Kramer, said that one. One inch wake up hour and a half. Wake Up. That's code like like. What is you know your six hours or seven and a half or nine? You know what I'm saying like variables of.

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