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Fast, he had his claws out. It's not like you show being in jumping away. He was there just basically runs up my leg. And I'm like, okay, squirrel. What are you doing? Neither bit me or scratch me on my neck. And then I must have, like, reached over or do something, And next thing I know it's an M m a cage match and I'm losing. I tried to shake it off, but I can't squirrel has a clause. Cling onto your winter jacket. When we have to leave the house. We have to carry Mom's homemade peppers, friends to make shit because if this girl comes out it then who he's right. Mom has homemade pepper spray. Wow, Aren't you Laura Ingalls Wilder, resourceful residents in Queens, New York, of reported at least five attacks from aggressive squirrels since late November. Saw aggressive squirrels on their last tour, but the singer couldn't hit the high notes. Oh, that's a shame. Yeah, One woman had to go to the emergency room. Her hand was bitten. Others have said they're afraid to walk in their own neighborhoods. They have any idea what alright, weighs a couple ounces. Anybody got any idea why this is happening? Um, why squirrels have turned against humanity? No, no, I don't. I have a friend who looks just like me. And his name is Joe whose property was being destroyed by squirrels and he shot their ass. Have they considered that? Of course, like all of our stories on the air that is entirely made up for your entertainment. Absolutely, Um, The Georgia races Big deal. Two races yesterday, one decided, one to the Democrat. Other ones still not decided, although it has been called by Decision desk HQ for the Democrat Bright Bart just called it for the Democrat. Okay, it's likely over them, right? Bright part is not going to call for the Democrat unless it's over. Unless you know, unless it's so close. They're gonna wait for all of the military ballots to appear from overseas because there was apparently some sort of delay given the clogged males these days, man. Thanks. You're gonna get treated too interesting to watch now. Is gonna be a lot of pressure from a certain segment. Of Democrats to say, Look, we got the presidency, the house and the Senate. Where's my new green deal? Where's my Here's The Big one Right off the bat. Where's my canceling student loan debt? Mm, right. Where's my major? Well, you can't refer to this. Although the new green deal I must point out again is a new deal. It has a green component. It is socialism come to America happens to have climate thing. But putting that aside, there could be major major crackdowns on the internal combustion engine, the car industry and then commuting and God knows exorbitant taxes, mileage taxes, that sort of thing and just taxes in general. A judges ruled that Polly Morris life Polyamorous like polyamorous polyamorous life. What did I say? Polly Morris. I don't know what that dated her in high school. Polyamorous life. What would that have been overplayed his heart. What's polyamorous? What would that be? A polyamorous lifestyle. You got multi multi partners. Multi lovers Cove in rules do not inhibit a polyamorous lifestyle, according to a judge. Is there some rules in Canada? How many people from different households you can have under one roof, And there's some guy who's got a wife and a boyfriend, I guess. And kids. And his ex wife was saying they're breaking the covert rules. But the judge said no Polyamorous life gets around the covert rules so he can have the make a law against loved. Exactly. Love is well said Well said by an idiot. So the ex wife was probably trying to get custody, saying Look, the guy's got a boyfriend, A girlfriend of, you know, whatever is craziness, and the judge said no, he gets it's possible that even before covert, she wasn't thrilled that our kids are growing up in that household. Yes, Yeah, Clearly, that's what I'm saying. You know, it was just an effort to get the kids. Phrasing this. Speaking of the vivid in the after effects. Oh, Jack was talking earlier about this judge has a fish bowl full of car keys on his death. Yeah, we're talking about the new with South African strain of the video might be evading the vaccines. We're not entirely sure yet. That would be terrible. Yeah, It would also mean that if you've had it once you could get this new kind. Yeah. How bad would that be? So all those cases that have happened around the world? You could get it again. This new string Airbnb is imposing a new requirement on travelers throughout Kalyan, a cornea to explain why they are booking rentals. During the state home orders. Move follows a five day shut down the new reservations in the Lake Tahoe area by Airbnb last time band now, so I just dodged a bullet there because that's where I was, and I crossed over by one mile over to the Nevada side to avoid this problem. So you know you have a new attestation form where you have to attest that your stay is permitted within local guidelines is essential it separate center. You need to swear and in the fix your thumbprint in the rest of it. I've got essential badge and essential paperwork out. I had to show it, I guess to stay and then hide my kids sleds,.

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