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Mister attorney general, good to have you with us today. Hey, thanks for having me on. All right. From out here in God's country, you know. Well, amen and it's a beautiful state you have, I don't know why in the world the mayor of New York City is taking a shot at Kansas. Well, who knows? We love our Midwestern life out here on the Prairie and a Kansas doesn't want to be New York and especially right now with the kind of left progressive leadership that they have sort of chronic up there. All kinds of problems and what's it say about our own Democrat governor here in Kansas that even one of our own is now criticizing the state under her leadership. So I'm running for governor because I want to be sure that we get this state back on the right track and we got a governor who was born in New York and apparently picked up some bad habits in their young formative years and so we're focused on Second Amendment rights. We believe in that in Kansas. They certainly don't in New York City. We're focused on making sure that folks can afford their live each and every day and they just keep spending and spending and spending and governor Kelly's administration and up in New York City. We don't think the biological males ought to be competing in girls sports and governor Kelly does, just like they do in New York City. So we've got a lot of progress that we've got to make out here in Kansas. We got room to improve the job we're proud of this place. Well, look, it's a great state you have and you know we've got a lot of listeners in the state of Kansas. I know we've got KQ a.m., our great radio fillet and Wichita, good people, hardworking people, church going people, and it's pretty repulsive that at least to this point, the governor hasn't even posted a message condemning or calling out her fellow Democrat Eric Adams for taking a cheap shot at the good people of Kansas. Well, it was a cheap shot, but look, here's the bottom line. I mean, the leadership in New York City and the leadership in the Kansas governor's office right now. They are all folks who they have the same political party, very similar philosophies. They stand with Joe Biden on nearly everything. They find excuses about Biden's failures. And it's just really unfortunate that Kansas finds itself in this position. We're going to fix that at the election this fall and believe me, I'll stand up to the mayor of New York and sing our praises all day long. I love it. I mean, you got what bob Dole, a favorite son, Dwight Eisenhower, a very nice airport, by the way, Amelia Earhart, and of course Superman. So pretty good list of dignitaries from Kansas. We got a lot to be proud of and look, this is America out here. We love this live. We believe in God and country. We just think people ought to be free to live their lives the way they wish to live them. They want to live with traditional values and with faith. That is the way things ought to be. That's how we look at things out here. So we love Kansas, please come out and visit us. We'd love you to come here. Befriend us to spend a little bit of money and you'll leave feeling proud about America. Mister attorney general, I will say this when it comes to politics in Kansas, you guys are a little quirky. I just don't get the rhyme or reason to some of these Democrats who get elected. How is the election looking? And what is it going to take for Republicans to retake the statehouse in Topeka? Well, I think this race looks very good. It's a close race, but as we're coming down the stretch here, I think things are moving strongly in our direction. Look, we have a governor who has just out of step with most Kansas values who won't stand up to the Biden administration who isn't focused on the issues that kansans are most passionate about right now, which is the ability to pay their bills and sort of the cost of daily life. She was on the wrong side of a lot of education issues, especially during the lockdowns. I mean, my goodness, she locked kids out of school and then tried a lot of parents out of school by vetoing appearance Bill of rights and folks just understand that we can do so much better out here. We're going to get this thing right this time. We're going to win this in Kansas will be better for it. Aside from the economy, I know crime has been a huge issue for a lot of cities and communities around a nation. What about there in your state? Yes. I mean, certainly, we have issues in parts of our state as we often do. One of the big challenges we have right now is the amount of fentanyl that's flooding our streets. Kansas has an opioid problem like so much of the country. Fentanyl has arrived in Kansas in large numbers a bit later than it did in some other parts of the country, but it's here now with a vengeance. And one of the reasons for that, a principle reason for that is Joe Biden's decision to abandon security along the southern border. This fentanyl isn't manufactured in Kansas. It's manufactured south of the border usually from Chinese precursor chemicals, smuggled across the southern border and then it becomes poison on our streets that kills our kids or our citizens, otherwise and that's one of the things we have criticized the Biden administration. I'm very strongly in our campaign. I was at the border early this year. We stood up and sued President Biden in several areas that trying to keep remain in Mexico in place title 42 in place. And on the other side of that equation, we've got a governor right now who not only does it criticize Joe Biden's retreat from border security, even though it's resulting in such harm in our Kansas communities with fentanyl and the related crime. But when pushed on that, she actually says that it's a political game when border states ask for help from other states like Kansas..

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