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Where would you really bench and right now at side of course and and i'm fine with that if you don't wanna put him out there and coors he is in the must start but i also allow in the must start right up like the the definition of tears i'm saying like there are some know coors field types in here but for the most part it set it in forget it and for me you know with tyson ross i'm just playing i'm ryan it out if injuries crop backup i hope they don't because that would suck but he's been rolling and i and i've always liked tyson ross too so part of it is just previous previous buy in with ross but also the fact that he's looking healthy and pitching like vintage ross as you mentioned yeah no i just i mean like it's not gonna push back or anything i just i it was a little bit drawing when i saw that yeah i think a lot of folks probably see that and think wait does he mean joe ross wait joe roff pitching either what does he mean is paul drunk no i'm not very sober and and tyson ross is god sorry sorry about it are you mad that i put her stratton at seventy nine no because he deserves to be at seventy nine it's have a kid it ruined his career i'm just kidding but pointed out on our on our text chain that you know sense since the birth of his child he's had like three rotten starts in a row or something just hasn't been great i know he's got a quality start mixed in there didn't he do well against at lanta of all teams like you've as one of the hottest teams going during his struggles and he's like this one i'll throw a quality start but then on to get back to sucking right after that which is i mean it's interesting you know.

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