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The bench shapiro show on apple podcast and goo goo play at the holiday reduce radio kkob great come on and scott uh president trump spoke at a fill the civil rights museum in mississippi of course neighboring alabama where the royal more doug jones election took place a lot of people balked at the idea that president trump would speak at a civil rights museum dedication including al's sharpton trump this speech there and i'll sharpton of course my dissect it and said he should have said this and he should have said that and he should've said this and then he gave the real reason why trump was actually there in the first place how do you view a lot of the airing girl in alabama few miles away there will come out and vote against his candidate roy moore who just talked about slavery in in terms that were almost deary and is on racism i think this was a political calculus in the most cynical manipulation wished that you're so f for president trump spoke at the civil rights museum were when there was an election would you give them credit l if he had done anything for the betterment of civil rights spoke at a civil rights museum dedication can't be it can't be something that he just wanted to do it can't be something that the president holds near and dear hitches has to be a political move could this president do anything that would make al sharpton say oh if you do have an ally safe what i'm just ask him i don't think al sharpton would give the donald trump credit if he put every black person in america back to work i don't think he could credit all right when we continue more attacks on the president from basketball players and even got compared to well wanna brandon's friends and what about the president's brain yeah i know what somebody democrats are saying media actually has one.

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