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One two name is Mister Lawrence Welk please make note this is Mr yeah and that's a throw back to Lawrence Welk's enough people don't know Lawrence Welk younger people will not nowadays and you and I barely member this but like our grandparents used to love the Lawrence Welk show in it was on every week yeah you cannot you can't make this stuff up he was he was it was like turning into another world but it was on all the time and his license plate literally read and a one and a two and a one a one and Hayes to because when he would start with his accent he was a and they want and need to any start the band right and then he would bring on a fine Irish tenor and the Lennon sisters and it was just like it's another world in their people after thing I know all about it and there are other people saying wow well it's our job to educate you yes okay now and have them we got a lot to cover your first of all we are talking yeah all day today the bishop joulwan zoomed as from a part of Nigeria horribly persecuted for his faith we wanted to get him on the program our friend Larry Taunton he's in here with him to help explain what the Christians are going through yeah in that year it's it's it's almost unbelievable it's very hard to take in that it's dangerous murderous conditions for people of faith the radical Muslims there the Fulani herdsmen and the the Boko haram these groups are marauders they are roaming around killing and slaving and you don't have any kind of a government to do anything about imagine living in a place where there's just no it's just an arcade that the government is allowing this kind of hard to go on has to do with corruption the government all kind or another reason to praise United States of America because you can't imagine what people suffer around the world they don't they fear for their lives the cops are gonna protect them there are no cops so we're gonna be talking to him but this ties in to the fund raising goal we have for this month working again with CSI CSI is one of the greatest organizations out there because what they do is they try to help people being horribly persecuted in Africa exactly like what describing were focused through CSI not on a jury which is a horrible situation but I'm in another horrible situation going on in the south CDM people are literally being in slave it's it's very hard for me to talk about yes I I can't here's the good news folks we could do something about it that's the good news there's horrible news but there's great news you can change it we are asking everyone this month to give anything you can now you know our website is my taxes talk dot com we got the banner up there and we want to send you all kinds of gifts and things to encourage you to do this to new G. U. as we say here in New York the that's the dish were ten minutes to be an nydj neck and we want to need you to give so we're gonna be announcing all kinds of stuff signed copies of my Donald bills the wall book signed copies of down Francis rom signed copies upon off with all kinds of things that we want to give you but we want you whatever you get or don't get to give something government taxes talk dot com and click on the banner will be giving the phone number so if you prefer to give that way but I want to be really clear that the folks in these situations they are suffering so horribly that many of them are being enslaved so here's what CSI is doing thanks to you who give anyone who gives two hundred and fifty dollars okay and this plenty people out there who say what can I get grandpa I what can I get dad he has everything he doesn't need anything he gets annoyed when I give him something he doesn't need how about this for two hundred fifty dollars or you could do this with your brother or your sister or whatever you can combine for two fifty dollars you bye freedom for a slave now think about this this is not a metaphor this is reality in south Sudan today there are people who because of their faith have been enslaved by Muslim radicals and they're living in slavery I I I can't believe I'm saying it is two thousand nineteen yeah but this is happening the difference is the church has a foot print in these places through CSI and can do something about it so for two to fifty dollars you can get freedom for one of these slaves now you're you're thinking how to CS I do this I'll tell you how they do it they say to the slave owner to the slave holder we will give you an expensive vaccine for your cattle which is going to help you okay it's the no video vaccine for cattle and it's a two hundred fifty dollar vaccine whatever it is you're close to that if you give us one of your slaves now if we can free one of your slave so CSI's on the ground doing this is not the Erie this is not something having on the internet they're they're doing this okay when the slaves freed they also get a goat a sheep goat for milk and cheese and whatever they get a whole survival kit cooking pot will blanket up plastic sheeting a sickle for harvesting fishing hooks mosquito tent the death of extra food or water container planting seeds all this kind of stuff and CSI teams gather around these people to celebrate their freedom they have a meal with them they give the medical care if they need it and they're there to encourage them and it's a sheer shoulder to lean on while these people kind of come out of the horrors of slavery now I got to say this is real folks but the bottom line is it's it's you who have to do something about it I mean that's it's it's the it's that simple if that makes you uncomfortable I have to tell you this is simply these are the facts that if you have money you can give me you got to think about this right god commands us to give cheerfully and this is an organization that that's why we get behind them we trust what they're doing so.

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