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I I also believe that you guys make an effort to see as many films cancer too while you're at these festivals. Is there anything on on the festival circuit this follow that you were really particularly delighted by that. You're pulling for in the Oscars this year. Yeah well actually. I mean the only festival where I was a ED time to see anything with Toronto but I saw few things other than knives out and I mean two of my favorite movies of the year so far movies I saw there. And that would be marriage story and uncut gems. UH-HUH I like the uncut gems. People were at the governor's awards the other night but the room was so big that I never saw them. So I'd like I. I knew the Safdie after you brothers a little bit for. When I was a journalist I did a story about them for their film daddy long legs in the La weekly which was kind of the first big story I did for the La Weekly? So now I haven't been able to see them Like on this uncut gems tour so josh and Betty. I really loved the movie. You're listening to you that they are they got an Oscar. Track movie feels feels like somehow unlikely to me. Still even in cajones is great. Well I'm super excited for them. And I hope it's an Oscar attract movie you know. I I hope that Adam Sandler at least gets nominated because I think he's super deserves it. Let's let's circle back to the south and Katie and I were having the sexual mini-debate before before we hopped on the call with you which is Should Song of the South be available. And if so in what form should be available for or any kid to stumble upon a Disney plus should it be available for historians to show you know with that context that we were talking about You know or should it just be bolted forever. What do you think so I would do is hung of this out that same thing I would do with birth of a nation and arguably like maybe there are other movies? You could do it too as well but I would would try to create some sort of situation where like you can't watch the movie until you can watch a documentary about it and like the documentary doesn't necessarily have to be from a super liberal point interview it just has to be historically factual is there any kind of documentary that exists. That would actually give you that information or is it. Do you have to listen to this podcast. In the meantime as a first song of the South I think it's it's the podcast. Yeah Yeah Right. Well that's their curriculum that we're GONNA it's really fascinating. I mean I'm a huge fan one of your podcast. Generally but just you know there's just so much that you think you know and you don't know or even ever even thought to wonder about That you're presenting in this series and in this particular season and so yes everyone listen And thank you for for doing it Carina. Thank you guys. I love your podcast too. So Richard. Now let's listen to the conversation that you had with Willem dafoe the star of the lighthouse. So I'm imagining was much more pleasant to be with in person than his character in the lighthouse. Well A he was great. But you know Brett our producer and I had to check up to Maine and take a boat to this island and it was really exhausting ten. It's frightening actually Yeah once we got there You know defoe is you know we've had on before he's he's just a thoughtful interesting actor who picks movies movies very. Interestingly like he has interesting taste and to be kind of got into that kind of what what interests him And then yet talked about the lighthouse which is quite a towering performance formats from him. Well I have the distinct pleasure of being in studio today with the Great Willem Dafoe. Thank you for being here. Thank you so I'm just going to get right right there at the top of things and ask the lighthouse. What is what is.

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