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All the time how do they unveil do they start with like number twenty five volleyball care arrive all right how about five year los angeles rams so they're the team which left out there the team that's left out of the final four right now that's pretty high that means they're like wisconsin okay uh they're very much wisconsin number four new orleans saints were ahead of the rams and matt jenkins from setting helped me out the saints are worth pass and strength of victory in two thousand seventeen so i think the saints get a little edge all were all those other teams number three you're pittsburgh steelers now they would be higher but why do they play down everybody this is out there are still seven in chew do they pass the eye test are not quite passing that i talk about the smell this are definitely not the smelter's i'd nobody number two you put this team or that no no no you can already be done new england patriots were the alabama of this okay seven to you agree that there had of the steelers that makes sense yeah and number one of course the philadelphia eagles eight one they are number one in the ranking powerful this damn will this top five or shy four or whatever it is holed up throughout the rest of the sky this is a wanted done here we can the top four rankings of powerful is starting at number five well done kleven well done uh but it's not the power rankings ranking a powerful message making a powerful news update the poll results spot you buy travel cimh okay because our team with one big man your choice her cat kristaps porzingis anthony davis.

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