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Ninety four six twenty. I can't believe we're gonna do this. We have we are ready here at wwl. He morning show to make eagles roster move out, Sal, really, well, we just got to Sean Jackson. They're going to announce Saturday's probably have a news conference whole deal. You understand that when he was in Tampa all of his good games came with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the quarterback. Yes. It was Winston. He couldn't play with. Yes. How about we get Fitzpatrick as a potential back spending or it's been rumored? Well, guess what? Now, I want Fitzpatrick the numbers that Dijon had with Fitzpatrick way Winston I'm saying if we're getting Fitzpatrick here a moving more toward the middle on my d- Jack's concept. I'm sorry. You have a starting quarterback. I know I do. So far. I'm not going to far I have no faith whatsoever in the health of concert, wet. Whatsoever. We go to China camp. I'm going to tell them straight to his face card said you stay healthy. Routes you like flirt with him every time you say, no. But I'm not this time. Oh, yeah. Because you know, why? Because now he's India banged and dented I'll ever. Sure do. The question of the day place. That's you Baghdad dented WIP boarding show Twitter question. How far do you think? The Sixers will go this season losing first round losing second round. Not good. Who's in third round better? When NBA title John Johnson. How many rats we go in the if anybody votes for conference finals NBA title there certifiably insane? Right. So you're either going I the second round is first or second round. Absolutely not. Well, then that that might not be good for the code now. It's not at all John Johnson. We'll be going off on the coach and the very next segment, I wouldn't leave. If I were you. It's all I'm saying now, I want to do something here because one of the prizes on our on our wheel today. Novacare rehabilitation prize will this is what's great about this. We don't know if it's current. But we know it's classic. We have number one on the wheel the shine. Jackson eagles jersey. Really now. It's number ten. It's from five years ago. We never gave it away yet. Brian. Hack rack. Is suddenly a hot commodity? Now, we do not now right now MAC Collins has the number. We do not know if they'll be an arrangement Dechaume come back with a new number. But the original number is a classic. Yeah. Because it was featured in an amazing movie starring Philadelphia zone. Bradley cooper. Oh, yeah. Let's go to the moment in the silver linings playbook film. We we're this jersey came up, my mom, got this gap outfits. She wants me to read, but I'm gonna wear a jersey that my brother Jake got me from the eagles. Beach. Desha jackson. Sean Jackson is the man. That's pretty funny line jersey. You a win will be the jersey they're referencing and silver linings playbook. It's the classic. They're going to be let's say there's a different number. There's going to be a millionaire. Does there's not going to be a million. Does anyone listening right now have an old? The did you hold on for five years. Hope. He would come back. It's funny. I saw yesterday. This was a topic. Where was I I saw specific tweet describe said regretting giving my Jackson jersey to goodwill C O losses. Somebody and goodwill got a good deal that things worth a lot. Now, you win at number one on the wheel people when I was at cuisine last night as a cheese in Rexel hill. I asked about the big play miracle in the better lands. I said three and I praised in question had to give me miracle Meadowlands. The response, but I had said D Jackson's back and Philadelphia, do you know people started cheering. They did when I brought it up. Yeah. People pretty excited. Apparently, they didn't hear my commentary yesterday. But that's fine. Okay. You know what? I mean. I'm not hearing friends, but an informed public. He was done wrong. He was done. Now. He's back fans. Love that. I will admit this. There have been no gang ties that I know of since they left again RIA still waiting for that star waiting for the perp walk Mike is on the line. And I'm thinking Mike might have enjoyed what happened about one hundred miles north here with the New York Giants. How're you doing Mike? Hey, good morning. Angela and congratulations on winning the division. Chris. Really, mike. It isn't even what the eagles have done. Look at the other teams in the division. Exactly. I mean, you know, Dallas is our only competitor at this point. And I think you know, we have the edge against the hold on stop. Did you hear what happened to them yesterday? They lost the one guy that most scares me on third down coal. Beasley did him. Call Beasley Mike left the Cowboys and signed. Are you ready where he's I Mike where would be the worst place into sign in the entire NFL? Oh, jeez. I would've said Jacksonville. But now Nick foles is there come on north. I'll give you a give you clue it's really cold and no one cares and soda. Full out. Is is buffalo Bill Mike their way weaker without him? And and coming back a year older witness going to be off. Every time. He catches a ball on those rare occasions. I'm wanna laugh and pick up. How terribly was in the booth. It was putrid. Anyway. So what do you think what happened with the giants? Why did they do? This is just a total head case. I guess they're looking to rebuild and they wanna give value for a male is the only thing I can think of. This analogy, Mike, let me run this by is it possible. Like, let's say you have a kid and the kid never listens to you. You try everything parent. It doesn't work is owed L Beckham junior. Like a kid that you sent to military school. You send them to a private school boarding school? Come back every couple of holidays. We'll see a thanksgiving goodbye. I mean, that's almost what it is. It's like, well, I don't know how to deal with him. I may as well let somebody else drive that. That's the only thing I can think of it which a qualm Barkley their quarterback. That's the part. I don't understand. No, they got rid of their to look Barclays gonna be great. He's not great yet. But he's going to want to be out after the year Barclay now is their weapon they got nothing else. The quarterback has no arm left, and they don't have Beckham. Thank you. Right. How how they think they're going to get better losing their two best players Collins and Beckham not Mike. I love it. Let's get you on the wheel. Gimme something that costs too much. How about a cable Bill cable Bill? They're up in hundreds now. No, I got my last Bill and I am seriously considering. Yeah. Mine's mine's usually around two hundred and twenty dollars a month. I was higher than that. Can you imagine that if yours oldest may especially today? But if you're as old as me, right? You remember them we pay zero fatigue? You had a rabbit ear antenna or you had an outdoor antenna, and it came right into your ally have Clark in his room just on wireless now, just like, you know, Netflix Amazon all that stuff. And somebody said, well, what about the local channels? I said, I don't think he's ever watched. The local never has because he watches kid shows. Well, you know what he's probably better off. Anyway. Mike. Yes. Cable is too high. We're paying too much for it. Here's a Nova Kerry have wheelspin I that there is some great stuff on here today. Mike, you're gonna get something winner. You're gonna get a delightful I- number eight. You got a number eight you got a pair of tickets to see the iconic group Fleetwood MAC, March twenty second man that's coming up. That's next week at the Wells Fargo center tickets around sale now, go to Wells Fargo center. Philly dot com. All right. Hold on Eric and Coatesville got a situation with this design Jackson jersey. It's how you doing Eric. Does your daughter. Have it the Sean Jackson jersey? She does it. Craziest thing we got. It was just one of those. They're becoming eagles fan my seven year old daughter, and my wife, she's helping to raise these kids right at eagles fan. And she got her jersey added. Goodwill, believe it or not. In order to jersey. It was a team anymore and she didn't care. This is amazing. You got the goodwill jersey, somebody gave up exactly. So when he gets the eagles again, I said you go get your jersey. Hold your daughter ever weird. The Jackson jersey around before he was reacquired. She would wear every Sunday for game Dangelo hold on. I need to bring in John Johnson forbid, he's got a fashion situation going on you telling me now that they wear Mountie hats that this is a fashion. Can you tell me about mount last night? The Sixers game I always like to pan the crowd, a feel the vibe here and one person stood out to me he's wearing a Mountie literally a Canadian Mounties hat, and apparently this is a fascist again. Guess is the problem? I'm worried about here are your dot how old's your daughter. Having years old. All right, but see probably people look at it the girl until this week and going that's not fashionable. He hasn't been on the team. He was he was dumped when she was to Iraq. No. Now my God, she's right in the middle of things. Did she wear at the school today? Waiting. Actually. Okay. But that Eric that's what you call. Why acquisition at goodwill? Good job. That one has weird now give me some that cost. Too much. You can win one right now here. Philadelphia. Rip. Hey. The city Eric that's a great one. And as a resident. To this city..

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