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North America, American Mexico, America Brody discussed on The Brooklyn Boys Podcast


The great podcast the subject is the team. Great job to you about professionals is the adjective not the now. And now here I got this from hold on Brandon Reseau at OD S O R. He put up a sign that said, it was a camping sign camping ten people max per site at any giving time giving times at a given given. Yeah, that's common, man. Cassie grit. Savage wrote to me privately and said scare you gotta call Brody out regarding episode number seventy four. Love you guy. Love you Brody, but Mexico is South America. Now Mexico's North America it's north of the Panama Canal. She's absolutely wrong. And what's real number one? Correcting people scary be right. He Ryan that's what I pointed. At her Email north NAFTA. The North American Free trade agreement is Canada, American Mexico. Oh, no, no. She's. No, she's referencing something she. She said the Mexico is America is America. She she wrote it wrong. Okay. So south that's wrong. That's an incorrect statement, Mexico is not South America, North America. Because there are three definitely North America, United States and Mexico. That's correct, right. Okay. She's wrong there. But in the subject line, she said, Mexico is America Brody apparently. America's you, you didn't you said something in episode the seventy four that would lead her to to write Mexico. You said Mexico is not America, then than let's say, I don't know what she's talking about. But we'll say it's a misunderstanding of what I said maybe but Mexico's deadly to North America. I'm well aware. Now, there are people that will say that the three countries apart of America. And that the United States of America is the United States of the big thing called America is on a translation like we had this debate with native Americans in Canada, the not native Americans because they're not America. But there's some people that would say no Canada's part of the Americas pencil you talk to. All right depends. What you put the wall? I You mean. know what I mean? All right. Let's talk about my would what I talk about the word. Hold on. Gotta get that jingle Brody. I got the jingle ready. Shit for us. Sometimes you guys just a very thoughtful. And you send stuff to us shit from us thirty two the Americas. New York City one one three. Dirt floor care of David Brody or scary. Jones's K E R Y. Can we talk about after this after the carbon monoxide fiasco on our show today? And then and then we get to the ten questions that next episode. Hey, Brody scary scary Brody wanted to add to the free shift for a segment on the show. I'm sending to costume bottle, openers I made out of old would appear would pull old peer would pulled from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, I own my God. This comes straight from the the pier. Would I run a small woodshop out of my house, and I like to make this things like this? The name of the business is real sins would workshop currently only on Facebook..

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