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I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't want to say it's dying. I just it's not as widespread as it used to be nice. America's founded on volunteer firefighters. Were you will together as one continuing to serve always brotherhood Academy radio PODCASTS DRAIN OFF. Welcome back to the Academy Radio PODCAST. We are here in Wells Maine at the New England fools northeastern fire summit conference. And we're going to record a bunch of podcasts. And hopefully we'll be able to launch them out over the next few weeks to get ahead of schedule but I always mentioned as we do the Canadians the F. Down TO FIGHT FIRE. Volunteer Firefighters podcast. They plug us. We plug them. We want to give them a good mention and give them some love so without tying up too much time. Let's jump into the topic for the first episode recording. Here we have captain Dave Osgood with The York Beach Fire Department with us. And he is here because he is a easy continuous fools follower. He's a og loyal g one of the original guy. Yes yes so what is guys. What is the benefit of the fools because the three of us here pretty much been fallen? These guys around since this started. What two thousand three. The New England fools I think was I was. Yeah what what just happened. You Might Arnold. Sorry they've got down there you go. I meant to turn Hamels Zone Hamels here by the way But he's out somewhere. Maybe grab some lunch. Pc So we're going to cool for school right now so we're GonNa do a quick episode because lunch. The lunch is being served at the line is super long and we don't want to tie up too much. 'cause he's he's over there. Hungary so falls New England fools. We're here we're doing this event We got how many people are speaking this weekend. One to four today right five five five two two five today tomorrow and one last night last night so the benefit of these events. I encourage all you listeners. To find a fool's chapter we had rusty ricker on an episode. It was a good show. We talked a lot about a little bit of. I should say we talked a little bit about fools and the benefit of going to some outside training finding some chapters in your area and joining them and taking advantage of people coming in and speaking. So what is your take on people outside of their department and getting some new training some new faces. What are your thoughts on that? I think partly. It's it's a lot of it is the the networking that we get people. I've met I met firefighters and officers and instructors from all over the country and being able to bring a lot of that stuff back to my own department as well as the area departments when I teach whether it's for your county fire attack school or whatever you bring back this knowledge that that from other places than know that maybe we're not doing it completely different than everybody else but also there are things that we can bring back. It may not work for us. What New York City does but we will bring part of what they do and bring it into our system right and make it work really well for us and just these little nuggets that we get from everybody and and being around like minded people. There's nothing like being in the company of fools it anywhere you go in the country if you get with a bunch of fools. It's going to be the same guys. Where like minded individuals we WANNA BE? They want to learn new things. We WanNA bus each other's balls as much as we can assure us a good time. You know it's just a great great group of people. Yeah it is in. I was reading your post. You posted today A picture of the group out and you labeled it the three percent and it's one hundred percent correct when you say that because it's three percent of the fire service actually coming out and doing these things and trying to better themselves and get a better education and a better training. So we're going to convert people over to let's increase that three percent to you know let's work till T- towards ten let's work towards fifteen. Thank you need to start with five five five percent and then build it up from there. I think you'RE GONNA go from three to ten is probably not realistic. You know everything in the Fire Service Accountability where we started out with pass alarms that we had to turn on now. They're making them come on for us because firefighter proof and accountability with the same thing and trainings going to be the same thing. They say. You can't lead. You can't make a horse drink water but you know if you hold his head underwater long enough. It's going to drink some of it. So that's all right mic guys. Sometimes I'm doing trainings. That interested in but they they're going to get my take on it and they're going to hear what I have to say whether they like it or not we kind of the same way. I'm not trying to be a jerk however I think that it's important to learn new things and whether you like it or not you're going to at least take something away from it. I think it's just great to get a different perspective from people from all around the country. We had a guy speaking earlier this morning before. You got here from From Florida and all the way up from Florida teaching or is he taking it. He was interested. Yeah hitching. He had a nice presentation. And it's just great to see the different perspectives and ultimately we're all here to do the same thing and the perspectives are a little bit different. But they're they're they're the same in a way like you were saying it's like you could take something different. We could take something new from these people but at the same time. It's all raps into being in the fire service and and being the same thing but it's we can sit here and train and train and train on our fight apartments in have our own guys training and you're seeing the same face every week right. Yeah we do. We do in our own department. Sure that can get stale. And I'm sure does that put to take the opportunity to meet these new people to network and to get that. Different perspective is going to be really valuable for you and for your fire department and the rest of your members so the fools. You know another thing that we've talked about in the past. Is that you handsome. Devil you that we could. I could stand in front of my own department and talk about swiss-born till the cows come home and everybody just shakes ahead. And they're like. Yeah whatever you have one of these guys come in from somewhere else. And Talk About Munoz and the guys. They give the exact same message. And everybody's going to hang all over every word he says because it's not coming from me right they've heard me gripe about it and beat on it for years and they hear from someone else and it's like it's almost like their their personal biases or the user open because it's an outside person and sometimes that's frustrating. I guess it's you know that's the way firefighters are against seeing it and other other places where we've gone to other departments training teaching whatever and we've given the same exact message and the host is like. I try to tell them the same thing. They wouldn't listen to any of it when you guys come in and Delon that they were like they were like it was like the first time they'd ever heard it. I don't know no you're right. You're right house at lunch. Line looking shorter shorter okay. We won't keep you much longer. And I think what we can do to is is Aron. Heller actually suggested this because he's here this weekend when we do these shows we'll just do short snippets right and we can even if you do a long show. That's great and what we can do is we can kind of. I can edit it so it's all ended up being one long one. So what are they feeding people in their by sandwiches sandwich? Amaze- yeah yeah I saw some roast beef and I think last year. That's what they did to is pretty good dousing. Yeah so as thanks for coming on real quick with your point of view on outside training and again I would encourage everybody. If they see a fool's event and not only up about any outside training that they can get to. Whether it's you know for our area we have your county town school school which is which is good. There's a lot of good classes. They have seacoast chiefs. They do some really really good classes down there and Dover every year so you know whether you're a firefighter a chief officer. It doesn't really matter get everybody else's perspective get some of that information and bring it home to your guys maybe like maybe we don't get to use it exactly how they use it in. New York or Boston or or wherever but we can tailor that stuff to work within our own departments and there's always a better way of doing things. It doesn't matter how much you learn. This always a better way for sure or newer way or something right. We don't do that. We're just. We're just getting stale. Anybody see the clip on the Internet the other day the Guy Like knee Preston. Hose Line while he was putting his mask on. And and and doing like a transitional attack. You hit it in the window here. If you ever had an opportunity to take Erin fields forward class. It's worth every every muscle that you wind up getting it is really. It's you can just barely walk by the end of the three days Just because you move so much line and flowed so much water in different ways that we don't usually do but if you have the opportunity to take that as by fire one of the best glasses partake in the thirty three years. I've been doing this a long time by shed. Okay all right great. Let's go. We'll get another guest on little later on. Paul what do you think eat something? Let's eat something cool feed me. Thanks so here we are. It's recording. Now we'll see now here's Here we are at the fools conference Are you a little bit more relaxed now rusty a lot more relaxed this? It's so it's clear salen from we're beyond it's all downhill from here right. Three-quarters away down the hill right. Good turn out. Great turnout best turnout we've ever had. What are the numbers? Do you think Counting while Danny was speaking there. Were one hundred eleven people in the room. No kidding with vendors students and vendors and other instructors sitting there one hundred eleven people in the room which is probably twenty over. One of our best is the best with the exception of the Tampa event that we did last November The best that we ever did was Aaron. And we've done up in Vermont Cystic fibrosis okay. Fundraiser approximately ninety ninety. Two people in the room for that so this is head and shoulders above that. That's awesome next year. We'll be bigger. I don't know if that room will handle bigger. Figure it out. You could move the vendor tables somewhere you know now. There's plenty of them. Yeah so all right. So welcome back to the show rusty. No thank you for having US and And we also have Aaron Heller on the show. Welcome Aaron thank you and I've been wanting to talk to you for quite a bit because You you have a training right. I do I. I own on training insensitive training and you're newly promoted fire. Chief I am congratulations. Thank you very much. I was promoted on February first. So how about your Quick Synopsis On Your Fire Service Background. My Fire Service background is long and varied. I started as a junior member in.

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