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I like the thought of someone. So committed to the live, his own life, he got multiple movies made it because it's not this. It's I mean basically any movie that may damn is in he was a fight coordinator for and then also a bunch of other stuff and I think he even did some military consultation and teaching, which is hilarious. A Guy that has no background just such a good liar that just like all right guys we're. GonNa do this. THAT STREET FIGHTER Life Imitates Art Oh my God. There's just can't. It's it's in the background of my my room right down to it. It's it's beautiful. It really is. Let's wait until like if you can speed it up as fast as you can but still get clear sound out of it and it is amazing. Can. We talk about the crux of wire pick was moving. It is. Still trying to figure out why you picked. It was just like Oh. You're just picking movies that I like. I mean. You would want to be a part of the sun because it's definitely a dumb fun movie and we definitely need to dump on movies after all the the contagious stuff we've done. So. But the reason why did this one was right after Ray Jackson's fight with chocolate and he ends up in the hospital. Does. quit chuckle fast forwarding to that right now. Okay and basically it starts with dukes telling him like gopher the gut that's mountainous attack them there you'll be fine. Ray does not listen and just like hits him in the leg then throws him down and he's just running around. Chanting his own name and telling them that he's dead organic. Me Ask you this does that Dr had his stethoscope in the right or the wrong way. I gotta go back out for it's the wrong way back of course. Is that. Feels like it should be. Because I feel more comfortable. When you put it in, it doesn't feel more comfortable while wearing a backwards. It just looks like it's GonNa feel more calm. Yeah. Because it's sitting outside of your ear and you're like, Oh yeah. This'll go this way. Will be death. Yeah and that guy that Dr Probably does the most thorough exam I've ever seen on anybody origin. was just leading that he checked off lower quadrants. But he he took six squadrons I know that there's only supposed to be forward. He checked six them. He was all over the place just listening. So why is frank getting a blood transfusion? I'm sorry not break. Why is jagged blood transfusion? I was GONNA. Ask the same thing. Why is there? Because he didn't even get hurt. Here's a better question to why is the defibrillator just right next to his bed Funds, funsies. That's hospital. How how do we say this is a hospital. The bandage with a tiny spot of blood on his head. I like that, but it also shows up with the same like amount of blood at the end of the movie. It'd be just as a tiny Gaza Gaza under said, same amount of blood whoever they're like handler is his aviators are amazing and I want career four pairs. His was amazing. Oh, God computer whole thing. But how can I'm trying to think where I'm going with this but? I just assumed that the reason that the doctor was spending doing such a thorough heart examination was because he didn't have any other monitors and so he was just you know some of. Our calls on there was a monitoring I remember writing something about it. Oh, my.

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