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Well we know that is not true because the president's lawyer proves it not to be true so the president's lawyer and the president being on completely different pages on this very basic issue is a bad sign in terms of what kind of representation the president is getting terms of his legal representation on this very serious issue why is the president's lawyer weighing in on paul manafort s behalf like this and this angry email to the wall street journal paul manafort is not his client that too is an important question about the quality of the president's legal representation it's also an interesting question about paul manafort legal representation which frankly has always had something a little hinky about it in them i don't wanna make two big deal out of this but i gotta tell you we saw this coming and now it has fallen apart in the middle last month you might remember a story that we did about this law firm wilmer hail right wilmer hill is a big famous prestigious american law firm one of its highest profile partners is was robert muller robert muller left wilmer hailed cash been his partnership there in order to take his job as special counsel and the wilmer held has gotten itself into a little bit of a quandary around the russia investigation because there's bob moeller having just left as a named partner at the firm to go be the special council on russia while one of wilmer hails other very high profile partners and other person needs to be very high ranking government official is is a lawyer named jaime relic for a long time now jamie gorelick has been the lead counsel for jared kushner in all sorts of different matters including the russia investigation.

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