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Live from. NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly London's counterterrorism police are leading the investigation into today's incident. Outside the British parliament that's where a car. Crashed into security barriers injuring. A number of pedestrians none of those hurt is said to. Have, life threatening injuries police say at least two people have been taken to the hospital by. Ambulance streets around parliament square has been cordoned off the incident, occurred during the morning. Rush hour in London the driver of the. Vehicle is under arrest President Trump is highlighting the defense Bill, recently passed by congress giving US troops their largest pay, hike in nine years Lauren. Rosenthal with north country public radio says the president traveled to fort drum in New York yesterday to formally sign the seven hundred sixteen billion dollar measure standing in front of an Apache helicopter flanked, by howitzer, Tillery units President Trump's Said the military is about to get its second major funding increase since he took office we have seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars to give you the finest planes and ships and tanks, and missiles Anywhere on, earth beyond earth the air force will also receive funding for a precursor to the president's proposed space force but those plans are. Still a ways off the new law doesn't actually take affect until October and congress still has to, make a formal appropriation before any money can be spent for NPR news on Rosenthal and fort drum, prosecutors. Have rested their case in the financial fraud trial of Paul Manafort President Trump's former. Campaign chairman NPR's Ryan Lucas says the government presented twenty, seven witnesses over ten days in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia one of the government's final witnesses was a senior. Official at, the, federal savings Bank he testified that Paul manafort's loan. Application drew red flags but the loan was. Pushed through by. The bank's chairman Steve caulk who wanted a job in the Trump administration the defense meanwhile has filed motions to dismiss, the charges against Manafort this is a standard move for defense counsel that's NPR's Ryan Lucas Manafort has pleaded not Not guilty to charges of Bank fraud and tax evasion stemming from millions of dollars he earned while. Doing political consulting work in Ukraine a firefighter from Utah is the latest fatality in connection with California's, largest wildfire Ron record the Mendocino complex fire north of San Francisco has burned nearly three hundred fifty, thousand. Acres most of us seventy national park in California is reopening today much of the. Park has been closed for almost three weeks because of, a wildfire there it's been burning since July thirteenth his, blackened one hundred fifty square miles in and around Yosemite. To people, have, also been killed there the park along with hundreds. Of businesses including hotels and lodges had been. Losing money this. Is NPR news in Washington Flood watches. And warnings remain posted in parts of central and northeast Pennsylvania that's where heavy rains have triggered flash. Flooding in, some evacuations water rescues of motorists have also. Been occurring in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy spent part of yesterday surveying flooding in his state and meeting with evacuees. In little falls by promise your we're going to, work together and try to find every available resource we can nearly eight inches of rain fell in parts of New Jersey a report is due out today on allegations of child. Sexual abuse within six Roman Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania on Lee. Herring with member station w. ESA says the findings followed nearly two year investigation by a. Grand jury report covers a period, of more. Than seven decades Jim Vance called testified before the grand jury after keeping his abuse a secret for thirty six years he says, it's empowering for survivors to share their stories. You give them the truth that's These survivors wanna do they want to say, their truth they wanna take ownership of their life back somebody had. Taken a piece of their soul the answer coalition expects more survivors to. Come forward following the report some names have been rejected as about two dozen clergy claim the report portrays them unfairly the state's high court said last month the grand jury identified more than three hundred priests it says committed abuse or tried to conceal it for NPR. News I'm only herring and Pittsburgh stocks in Asia ended the day mostly lower analysts say investors are. Concerned about, Turkey's struggling economy and sharp drops in its. Currency I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington Support, for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the. Ford Foundation working with visionaries on the front lines of social change worldwide to. Address inequality in all its forms, learn more at Ford Foundation dot org and. The corporation for public broadcasting This is WNYC good morning I'm. Sean, Carlson with a quick check of our weather forecast scattered. Showers and thunderstorms today they could. Be quite heavy at times otherwise mostly cloudy today we'll see, highs, in the mid eighties for tonight more showers more, thunderstorms are possible mostly. Before midnight again though some of those could be real heavy at. Times mostly cloudy tonight low seventy two it looks like we'll get a reprieve from the rain, tomorrow Wednesday mostly sunny high near ninety, degrees and on Thursday much of the, same mostly sunny high eighty eight The Texas foster case..

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