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To the french capital to the latest collections multiples freshman it's jamie waters spoke a little earlier daphne niece's about the expected highlights he started by explaining why the paris fashion week maybe more relevant this year than ever before so paris is definitely the one that everyone's talking about at the moment truly the top dog so i think there's been so many shifts in men's fashion weeks in the past couple of years and increasingly brands going to power so the big designers but also sort of small labels showing showrooms there it's just jam packed the shadow in terms of big good t romay shows in terms of small showrooms around the marais intensive of buys trade shows it's just like a covering every base at the moment so it's one that everyone's kind of talking about and obviously milan has the big italian houses but increasingly powers he's kind of gathering guttering brands so what's good about the schedule this year in particular would you say so there's a few sort of aiglon petted debuts at some of the big houses so virgil blow who is the hugely popular designer behind off white which is a straight where brand he's my his debut louis vitton louisville men's this so much aunties patient about what he will bring to the label he's replacing kim joins and that other igli anticipated kim joins who's moved to deal on so still within lvmh group this showing on consecutive days and i think we both of those two brands i mean lvmh is recording of hugely successful results at the moment that had a few shifts around especially within their menswear brands and i think it's just interesting i'm really intrigued to save design is going to bring on i think that both hugely popular designs big followings the two of the show is that people are sort of a mocking and in terms of smaller brands what are we expecting the thing that power stills really well is it has all the big luxury brands with all the glamour that they bring and the excitement as well as the french wants japanese designers as well it's got saline yohji yamamoto and calmed agus on it also has some really interesting smaller brands as well of saying general always as a really great runway show and then in terms of the sort of showrooms dotted across town a lot of them in the marais and you just get so many exit brands choosing to show that i mean there's like there's sharing that has like these stray leeann label mantle and it has like often that they show the british designer nicole's daily that.

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