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That had the Blackhawks number for so long for the first time John got to count down a victory against that franchise carpenters able went up to the Han put it to the near boards and then checked up the right side boards for taste he flung it across the ring taken back by the golden knights here's a shot from the right point by Theodore to flex and the the Vegas golden knights for the first time it took them with the Chicago Blackhawks home in the very good with a five to three victory over the golden knights fox shot in the third period eleven nine and I shot for the game forty two to twenty six of the one forty seven percent of the face of swing twenty seven and dropping thirty had twenty eight hits biggest piled up thirty six it's five for Andrew Shaw for for Calvin de Haan Eric custom soon they also have nine blocked shots three of those from Calvin behind the goalie matchup Corey Crawford again stopping thirty nine of forty two shots Marc Andre Fleury stopped twenty one of twenty six that he faced a three star selection is sponsored by bud light keep it crisp number three star the game it was Alex talking his return to the line up talk and the thing up with the one assist in this game and he had that goal that wasn't number to start the game was Dylan Strome with is going to assist the number once are the game Patrick Kane also with a goal and two assists Patrick now with the fiber I'm sorry six goals and fourteen points during his seven game up point straight before we break a look at the Blackhawks top minor league team with the Rockford files I such now seven six after winning five of six their necks back in action at grand rapids Friday at six PM and then a rematch band rock for the BMO Harris bank center twenty four hours later Serra United six against that seem grand rapids what time for another break when we come back we'll hear from Calvin behind no not for the post game type of from yesterday at practice talking analytics and how we really isn't that big of a fan of it that coming up with the post game show continues until one AM and seven twenty WGN look at life through the windshield.

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