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And she said let it be let it be. And he thought when he woke up that was her telling him, look everything's gonna be okay. You've got me. And he says that a lot of people resin, you know, for them the song, they think of mother Mary trade, he said he thinks that's absolutely wonderful. If that's how you feel about it. But for him. It was his mother named Mary sparky in Chapel Hill North Carolina's with a say sparked go ahead. Yeah. I got into Pentecostal ISM recently and the only kind of sect of Christianity really delved into this topic. And it's a fascinating topic. And I just wanted to trying to get your opinion on a couple of things that they teach pentecostals and some of it's just basic, you know, Christianity, but they teach that ghosts are people who have some watcher class angel heredity that most of them died before Miller slide. And that know regular humans go to shield when they die. But the people with the angel heredity. They're stuck here. And they're used as workers by the phone angels. And they don't live in houses like haunted houses or humping dolls or anything. Like that. They they live in humans. They can only live in human bodies possess them people have them and they pass from like grandparents child. So they follow you, which is why they know everything about your family is because they when one person dies they just leave that corks, and then they move on to somebody else younger in your family, who's just born. So I just wanted to get your take on on all that. What do you what do you think about that? Well, interestingly, I don't know much about the Pentecostal faith. So I apologize for that. My policy is always if something feels nourishing and warm and resonates with you and interested in interesting to you than investigate it. That's not my experience of angels. Or how the angels have explain themselves to me. But I always say, hey, I'm just one human. So I'm I'm not the fount of all wisdom or anything. That's pretty dramatic though. And it sounds like they've got quite an involved, you know, protocol or take on this. So that's interesting. I mean, they must've been doomed during the flood of Noah, Well, and I don't like to think of people don't, you know, my idea of spirit is that everyone is loved unconditionally everyone is treated with mercy and grace, regardless. So, you know, when we talk about how I think, sadly, you know, having an hell on earth. You know, terrible things happen on earth wonderful things happen on earth. But I don't believe that. We I don't believe spirit ever wants us to be punished. I think spirit wants us to be better versions of ourselves. Is there somebody up there, though, that assigns these angels to certain people maybe their expertise has to do with suicides or financial matters or relationships? And so they send them to people based on that. Well, I think the angels volunteer themselves or sometimes you can call. Them in like with archangel, Michael you could ask him to come and help you and sometimes he'll come on his own. But it seems like that would fall under that umbrella of helper angels that I talk about in the books. These freelance angels that have specialties just like humans typically specialize in their career. And I think angels really the better word they've used with me as they volunteer to help us. No, one assigns them tells them are kind of forces them. And I think the reason they use the word volunteer to describe how they come to us to let us know that they want to do this. They're very eager to help at the Christmas at the end of the program every year. I traditionally run a letter to Michael that he has to do of af soldier who was in World War Two who witnessed some miraculous things. And it just seems like these miracles occur time and time again, don't they? They do. And there are some very interesting. You know, World War Two was such a dark time and many people living through it felt like they were living through the end of the world. It was just such a challenging terrible period in history. But there were some amazing miraculous. You hear from some of those people that were around back. Then absolutely will stay with us. We're gonna come back in just a moment with Tanya and take final phone calls with her. And then of course, next hour, we begin open lines on coast to coast AM some of your calls if you don't get through Tanya might hold over into the open lines. But we'll check back with you as well. Sign up now.

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