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We we have we have infinite potential as human beings is my personal opinion. And if we don't stretch it, and we don't use the things that we love to help a stretch that to our potential then we than than we're using a wrong. So all right. Let's do one lightning round with each of us with the fandom that we think is overlooked Nick lightning round lightning fast. I would say theater and musicals musical soft and looked down upon I think that it's less so now than it used to be, but yeah, especially when I was growing up in like, I had interest in it in and maybe it's just because it's junior high and high school and people are like I'm putting you on a Bach people at their worst at that time, right literally junior high. We've talked about this Brandon and high school is. The worst time and some of the most important time in your life. Right. And so yeah, you would never believe the kinds of comments that I got for quitting the basketball team. So that I could do the school musical and because king and Iraq that did you? No that was that one was the year after the king. And I that one always tells me that you're the when I was when I was when I was eighth grade. I played the king and the king, and I and I think it's because I was the tallest Asian kid. They're clear to Asian kids applied one shorter that everyone did you shave your head. I think you know, I didn't I tried really hard knitted. No, I tried. I tried my mom, my mom told me. No. And so I took my picture airbrushed the hair off of it. And I said mom, look, I wouldn't look too bad my mom's ugly, and this is your mother saying that. Your mother said you were hideous. It must've been so bad. You might have just not done a very good airbrush job on it. You need to be a better artist that way, you could have shaved your. It was fourteen year old me with paint shop pro. So, you know, that's really funny anyway. Yeah. That's just a quick. Yeah. Okay. So musicals Taylor. How about you? I'm gonna go with little house on the prairie. Be real diverse in my shootings of keeping up with the Kardashians and little house on the prairie. Well, you know, what I'm going to be a on that then dressing. That's I'm definitely be. I do not REM I remember watching that show. But I do not remember I lost all the time with my with. My sister is a big big show growing up. But I just remember guy with the fro it was really cool. And he was also on another angel show or something. Yeah. I own every season of little house on the prairie. And I think I wanna say from ages probably like ten to twelve I was extremely obsessed with little house in the prairie. See it was on like twice a day ABS when I was a kid. Yeah. Watch it that way. And then Finally I started saving money and buying the seasons. That's what ours for and my parents would make fun of me. So everyone in my family would make fun of how much I have very I had the little house on the prairie books. A little house on the Ozark books. I actually went when I was bef-. How old was I was eleven years old. I went to the Laura Ingalls Wilders home the historic museum in Mansfield zuri fill very jealous. Yeah. You should. But. Yeah. So I I have not only seen every episode of keeping up with the Kardashians. But also every episode of little house on the prairie multiple times. See I didn't like the later seasons. Weird when they started getting there's some there's some strengths and weaknesses. But I think it's very under looked and I also especially being like twelve and even when I got into like thirteen or fourteen definitely felt ashamed to say that I loved little house in the prairie is. So. I can't have because it's on TV all the time and teaches a moral lesson. Right. It's the best. I love it. It's old. It's old. We need new ideas. Now, I just wanna like only little house only something has value. If it's new or different..

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