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Does not be to seventeen of fourteen fourth court about to begin saw pebbles how do we get to where we are now yeah John yeah Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing a crucial interception there in the third quarter the Steelers taking over their own three yard line however Mason Rudolph marking the guys on the field well played ninety seven yard drive connecting with a twenty six yard touchdown pass did you use misuse or just before the third quarter came to a close just her gather Steelers lean and often seventeen fourteen fourth quarter just getting under way just at the end of the third actually Ryan Fitzpatrick made a lot or a dive for the first down marker that play is under review so again with any seventy fourteenth are the four and those here at Heinz field no the renegade is probably coming pretty soon so we finally got one here on Monday night and I'll keep you updated as health and so on tables by the way drivers by one point two tonnes now though interceptions he now has two touchdowns two interceptions good one Monday night Miami Dolphins those words do not go together that there's nothing good about the Miami Dolphins on the football field the that I think yes because just glad he was headed a seventeen fourteen the fourth quarter you are fleeing away from the T. visa be happy about watching this game play if you have the eyes on the TV you know twelve they spent twelve days now when else who takes on Alabama and South already five early before the game happens Justin Jeff as a wide receiver said we're going to come for their heads we're going to dominate we owe them end quote let's all of that were called to look for the SEC now follow him on Twitter cold to a joint as it exists opens a performance line when ESPN radio and ESPN app call you her with Justin jobs and had to say what are your thoughts about that but again it's all days away not intelligence I mean I think I am as anti bulletin board material guy is you would ever meet if you need a piece of paper printed off the internet and taped on your locker to motivate you for one feet to Alabama verses Ellis you playing in Bryant Denny stadium being an undefeated team trying to take down the monster of college football that's a you problem and that's something that there's no article on planet earth there's no headline there's no quote that's going to change that for you so I've never really believe that it makes any sort of a difference but what I think it does do sometimes is it heightens people's attention span so a guy who might spend thirty minutes a day on Phil might now spend an hour and a half on film that day a guy who might want half the reps in practice might force himself to get seventy five eighty ninety a hundred percent of the reps in practice so why would you want to wait that sleeping giant even if that sleeping giants always smaller portion more of what it would have been before they just met that doesn't make any sense and it's going to give a lot of people a lot a munition to come back after you if you don't get that W. and in Tuscaloosa in two weeks are articles going to take away this you know image your decision to sign the try to give Alabama some bulletin board material you're looking at a one versus two let's just assume two was planned who knows who will be a hundred percent eighty percent ninety five percent who is the better team right now who who will be the better team in two weeks if two is a hundred percent I still lean Alabama is a little bit of a better football team I think I would give Alabama the edge on the offense of line I think even though both of these wide receiver course are phenomenal unbelievable fantastic ridiculous I think Alabama's has a little bit of an edge because they probably better from a straight line speed perspective and they have more ability to run away from you I think LSU's group will more physical you guys were probably gonna win more one on ones guys are gonna break more tackles but I think the album kids pile more difficult to cover it can turn more to explosive plays more often that's not a knock on the US you guys because they are unbelievable defensively with what Terry Lewis is starting to do I think albums very close I would still probably lead LSU in the secondary that's for sure up front LSU has been thing has been beat up what they look like they're back to close to being a hundred percent with divinity and chase on it and Lawrence in Logan all back at all getting solid rats it's close but right now oddly now bam just because I think the way that two delivers the football and that office of wanna be a little bit better able to protect him and how they get the football out maybe being on our P. O.'s where they're gonna make you wrong most time probably still lead Alabama just a little bit even though I do believe Ellis you've proven a little bit more this year a medical to look for the SEC network with Michael's if if it's Simmons with me Freddie Coleman and Freddie effort Simmons and ESPN radio what it takes on Georgia this week for the number six in the country Jordan in the country to get together as they normally do in Jacksonville George I believe it's gotten their bad laws out of the way they've had a bad loss each the last three seasons these last two season regular season but can the Gators find a way to make to Georgia has another lost it'll push them out of the race to win the SEC and be in the national championship playoff yeah what I'm reading is true it is going to happen then absolutely they can what I'm reading is that Jonathan Bernard says he's going to be back and he's gonna be close to a hundred percent he's going to play out his hair is on fire John the in our can change the game he he changes the he changed the dynamic of the defense he changes the way you have to operate offensively and he could wreck your game plan even if it's designed for him he's been that good when he's been healthy keep in mind he was not healthy for L. issue and played I think the first snap of that game and then came out so he is somebody who I think with Florida getting him back CJ here's a back to full spring Kader's Tony's gonna be back for this game nego apparently is going to be close to full strength that defense can cause enough problems especially for George offense that hasn't gotten their rhythm going in the passing game just yet now I like George's ability to be able to run right at Florida so Adam sure David Rees and some of the guys on the tour that for the defense of honor gonna have to have a nice game but damn moment just keeps surprising us also yeah he keeps finding ways to throw a couple screens bust off a couple runs get a few Q. runs in there and some how some way get some first downs put a few points on the board and it's like man where did that come from and he's getting a few more weapons back east and an extra week to prepare I don't expect the Florida office of line just automatically be good but I do anticipate Dan will have a good plan end of Georgia tries to go out there and putz around the way they did against South Carolina or Kentucky throwing the football though it run off the field we'll call when you look you look at the the status right now you have five teams undefeated with Penn state being in number five in the latest poll you make a mention potentially with of a one loss SEC SEC team get into the playoff picture who if you were to say which one it is SEC teams because you could be the one lost him get in the playoffs which team would be especially when you look at al Ellis you in Alabama playing each other in a couple weeks I think Ellis you have to be the team with the best chance right now because we all would assume their one loss is going to be against Alabama on the road in a very difficult environment and we know what the perception of Alabama is the most likely will be especially if they run the regular season that's going to be more forgiving than probably any other one loss teams going to have on their resume so obviously L. issue where has the best resume thus far in my opinion in college football especially of those teams that we've been talking about and they're gonna have to go to Alabama to Ole miss Arkansas is not going to gain any points with anybody when they beat them no but then they have Texas a and M. which is the team that put it out of the top twenty five in is considered to be a bit of a rivalry game and I do think that perceptually they'll get some points for sort of women that football game so right now free will be Ellis you because you go to Tuscaloosa and lose I think people are willing to look past that maybe more than any other loss other than somebody coming to their stadium in losing at night because I think that's probably ultimately more forgivable than any loss in college football when you go to Death Valley in was on a Saturday night but for me that team will be Ellis you right now based on what they have left the credibility they can still earn and what that loss would be and where it will be culturally from the SEC network going to Freddie Coleman of Michael's and Freddie effort Simmons and ESPN radio to be a wonderful three team race we got the LSU Alabama winner somebody else and Ohio state but this is a single the Baylor bears I'm not going to say again when the big twelve championship but Matt rules in a terrific job this seems undefeated the number twelve in the country they want all seven of the games is there anybody out there that has been a better coaching job in that role this year and if there is who was a coal absolutely not that person does not exist and you're talking about a Baylor team that two weeks is that it is seven OO and has is doing it within two years of being and seven and I think that's been done to other times in the history of college football a team going from being in seven to be seven within a two year span of those two things happening so he's unbelievable they're fun to watch and what's cool about Baylor is they're not overly reliant on one thing in a lot of times you look at those big twelve teams and its quarterback or passing game or temple or air now they can do that a little bit with Charlie brewer but he's got some wheels he's got good mobility and he but he makes great decisions and he doesn't have to go out and throw the ball fifty two times in a game that's not that's not him he doesn't need to be that guy twelve touchdown three picks on the year John love it can get it done it tail back to Michael Haiti's got super speed he's the guy that they like to get out the flat Josh leaks is one of the fastest players in college football they spread the field they're gonna make you to film sideline to sideline and they're going to run the ball right at you he's building this thing a little bit more different than the majority of the big twelve this is bill and I I think we're seeing we're seeing a little bit of a shift in the big twelve right now with what Chris Klein is gonna do a Kansas state with what I think Tom Herman once of it's a try to get to a Texas with what they were doing in Oklahoma is kinda doing to see we still think quarterback receivers Oklahoma but they won the Joe Moore wore last year for the best offers one in college football they're still pushing people around this year so I think a lot of these big twelve teams are saying wait a minute all of a sudden if I had the capability to score but we build this thing in the trenches different from everyone else we can play ball control we need to we can stop the run we have to maybe that'll give us an advantage if we don't have as many receivers as good of a quarterback they can't put up fifty five points a game at the same clip that some of the other teams in this league can and I think les miles the campus is going to probably try to do the same type of thing echo is always a pleasure talking to each and every week as we get ready for the weekend coming up and take a look at what happened a week before can we talk to you next we brother would do it again thanks again thanks fellas enjoyed it out so that we called look at the SEC never always joining us each and every time I call football here on Freddie Fitzsimmons and Freddie Coleman is Michael if if it's seven also don't forget about celebrating new rocking to the fall you'll see you can do that the down and distance podcast hosted by Ivan Maisel it covers eight stores in the history of college football download today available wherever you enjoy your podcasts presented by.

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