Publisher, Donald Trump, Demag discussed on Slate's The Gist - Falling for the Gamblers Fallacy


A go a blonde hair big burbs and a high voice and he was right the dumb guy you hafner wasn't dumb near was a good publisher which is the very simple non true thought out explanation of who the american man going to go for i'd go with the big boobs and let's not over think that i think trump is sort of a version of the big boobs if not the biggest boob and when you get down to what i think we've always conceived of an election as a set of choices and policies we prefer isn't it a lot more like reaching for a new demag than it is a series of considered events isn't it more reps chilean then we care to admit anyway i wouldn't say the the smart guys are worthless in this right there are actually smart guys like i was just reading this study that shows that past research has investigated ideals of beauty and how these ideals of change across time in a current study facial embody characteristics of playboy playmate of the year where identified and correlated to social and economic factors and they found that consistent with environmental security hypothesis predictions when social and economic conditions were difficult older heavier taller playboy playmate of the year with smaller eyes and larger waste to hip ratios were selected of course the dumb guy would say yeah the ones with the big boobs just something i wonder about on the show today at will spiel about the russian connection or at least an argument about how much time each side has to demonstrate the russian connection but first we will roll the dice with maria kondakova she is here to play is that bullshit the topic is the gamblers fallacy.

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