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There. And it's been three weeks December fourteenth. I was looking today December fourteenth they had an engine issue was going from Dubai to Oslo landed. Now it stuck because if the part, I don't know how to solve that one. Yeah. Exactly. What do you? What do you? How do you get around that? I have no idea maybe somebody has to get the blueprints from buoying manufacturing, China and something that I have no idea what's going to. Maybe they'll do have an exception. I have no idea not fun for Norwegian though. I'm sure when you got a brand new plane to sitting there not making money. And I've seen talking about Boeing so they've been looking into the our craft. We're gonna fly into thirty to forty years and they've just released a new wing design the transoceanic trust braced wing. I've seen the picture. I have seen it almost looks like the Cessna style. Or you've got the Streit's coming from the wing into the fuse lodge and then atop the wing across the top of the fuse lodge. It's it's bizarre. And it says that it allows to have much lighter wings ultra thin because of these choices that are basically supporting the wing like Longo wings as well will allow to go at further speeds, max speeds as well and increase the cruise the altitude by critic, the thinners can go faster and fascinating. They do. They actually work with NASA to build that's probably one day. We'll have one of these things. It's really fascinating. I find. Yeah. And I I I like. That they continue to innovate. And maybe we won't see it in this coronation, but we'll see the technology that came out of the thought process and the design process that that's that's what got us to composites for most of the airliners that are made today that type of process looking twenty to thirty years into the future another duddy just re sexually. So it's now the future is the BB triple seven x. So of course, it's based on a triple seven business jets. It's not for your meal, the layovers could try to buy one for our own use the interesting thing about that one is that it can connect every city in the world. It's the aircraft that flies to further think thinking has a range of twenty thousand kilometers, which is insane. That is insane back to the problem that we keep talking about which is the hell wants to fly for that long. Well, only see ios in various people because these are craft doesn't solve the problem. Qantas wants to solve with London. To CDN back because obviously it's much lighter. Because you don't have the cargo, and you don't have four hundred passengers it if if you were to had that on that design while he won't work, exactly. Since was reading that news was wondering, what are the current longest lights in the world to start twenty nine thousand nine probably because I'm seeing some of our listeners are trying to do these once I'm not sure like Alex just mentioned that we want to sit in this for long. So the longest is Singapore Nurik, which just restarted eighteen hours, thirty minutes for almost thousand miles with three fifty. You are the second one is Qatar Oakland to Doha it's nine thousand miles for seventeen hours and fifty minutes in a triple seven to one hundred long range, the third one is birth London. I think at Parsons did it also around nine thousand miles from seventeen hours and twenty five minutes in a Dreamliner dash nine the fourth is to to Auckland three eighteen for seventeen hours and ten minutes a bit less than nine thousand miles the fifth. One is Singapore. Airlines Singapore to LA eight thousand..

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