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News radio and tonight right now we're talking about the kate stanley verdict and sanctuary cities and this abhorrent result pudding american citizens lives in danger so next we are going to go to larry in scarborough main and your on the rings central nightsight talk line a larry hello hello don body is mad tonight light that be me and the rest of america a s d years or whether you're you're very to her and professional an tonight your p owed got larry larry huh that still alive i so problems at all i am a couple of quick takes first all was he tried in mexico or injects with excuse me he was tried in california in california okay lowly with uh um so he he got charge for all weapons violation nothing to do with you know this guy use them to border jumper this this guy is the border berry go rounder every go round goes each time that's rain um and it's the other thing you you've got its deign to me as does the arnott's wattana's um uh hm is supposedly his shot ricocheted off the wall and back into her back some of his way why are we calling him you know directly a murderer negligent homicide b but but you would see him you seem willing to pick up spike right out of his forearm as he bird your well thank you have the benefit of glean schooling that and let's explain to me how he could escalate vat well it's on an escalation it's in a prayer and i don't care what the verdict is i you know that's i'm i cast my opinion and injuries get things wrong all the time an allergy simpson um so the reason why i can call it murder i do have the benefit of having slot having slog through law school and sitting through criminal law class for you he several months is that murder comes in several different forms one of those beyond reckless endangerment and also something called depraved heartened difference so if you pick up a loaded weapon that and and just carried around so cavalierly and then drop it and it acts the ill its quote quote unquote accidentally kill somebody that's reckless behaviour this reckless endangerment arrigo murder i would like to i i i would go for that uh why you know th the other thing of course.

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