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Show. I do. NFL Metaxas show, and as promised on the line with me right now, our old friend, Sebastian Gorka. Welcome back Sebastian. Great to be back. Eric thank you for having me. Thank you for having that plummy accent for this program. I know that's not how you really speak. But it gives you such a thorny and gravitas. I would say go with it. I I've been gargling with waltz for you. Thank you. Thank you. Listen. There's so much going on in the news today. What what are we to make of everything that's happening? Do we talk about Rosenstein? We talk about cavenaugh. What do you wanna talk about? I think we should talk about how they're will. Connect it. I was up. All right, basically, and to me three or four AM out, whether it's the Russia collusion delusion whether it's the resistance movement to whether it's cabinet off. It's all the same thing. It is an attempt by the establishment left. I'm talking about old democrat talking about look good faith. And it's an attempt by establishment last the radicals that have taken oak democrat quality to knowledge why a presidential election. I it. It is nothing less than that. Every this is. Did that a man who has a spotless? Spotless record. Now forever. Whatever the result is whatever happens this week, whether he's confirmed or not forever when his name will be mentioned like clowns promises. Name it will be associated with these accusations. It is a blow to all things decent and good in America. Well, that's that's a fact I think that well, let me just say that it's disheartening to me that people it seems to me are unable to think clearly the media has so propagandized the electorate that many people when you talk to them about this. They don't they don't have the proper categories. In other words, the idea of the rule of law. They're not quite sure where they only want to talk about whether they think he did this. Or didn't you think wait a second, folks? Whether he did it or didn't what about the rule of law. If something happens when you're fifteen years old, and you wait until you're fifty years old to bring it up doesn't something seemed wrong with the picture. In other words, you've got to abide by the law. So if you are somehow attacked or somehow treated in a way, that's inappropriate. You must. Speak up in a timely fashion. If you don't do that, you destroy everything. So to say that now I am remembering something that. I had suppressed for many years and stuff. It's just it leads to kind of madness. And the way I see it. It's like the French revolution. Or or the Salem witch trials, obviously, neither of which happened in this great country. I mean that one of them happened when we were still just a colonial power and the other one happened, of course in France. But when you throw out what we have had in this country the rule of law, and you start adjudicating things in this way in the media and letting the metoo movement govern how you think more than the rule of law. I have to say America is in trouble. And this to me is just as a classic example of how we have ceased to be the America we need to be. Let me just modify that one. So yes, you're right. This collective hysteria. This collective ignorance or willfully ignorance. Denies the principles or for example. Innocent until proven guilty on the right for the accuser to the accused to look into the face of the accused in public. This isn't just some collective. This is deliberate. Eric this is just look at the time. This isn't some kind of Chris samba standards. You the less to entered into this was deliberate, but concept, but the two months ago this letter arrived. Desk. I'm not once not work in days and days of hearings in front of the world's this raised the vet that is the ultimate in Molter. Pitchy. You say something for the moment of which it is most useful in terms of derailing. The rule of more pro says that there is no excuse. This isn't irrational. This isn't say, this is a full perversion every system that I founding fathers fought for well, let me let me ask you, did you know that Ford his accuser was on the board of a of a one hundred and sixty six billion dollar company that had one product the abortion pill. It's called course therapeutics that just came out. I just spoke to John's miracle ear that now we're to stunning to me that somebody with a lot of money an end a lot of investment in the abortion pill would come out at the eleventh hour like this. It's just I don't know what to say except that it it stinks. It absolutely stinks. Now, you don't need to be a conspiracy theories. Plenty things actually a turn out to be part of the story. So this is. The cover story is just a viral fits a symptom of forty years. Hang on radicalization. Thank you Sebastian. We'll be right back, folks. With Sebastian Gorka, the Metaxas show. Here's Patillo Clark..

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