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Okay, Oakville, James Hinchcliffe has been thinking about this for a while as you heard in part one for talking to several fellow IndyCar drivers about added protection that Indy-Car currently provides going forward since they're the ones taking all the risk for the sake of the show, the establishment he's talking about of a drivers association. So here's part two of our telephone conversation with James Hinchcliffe on race line radio, primarily, you're concerned about the level of risk you and your fellow drivers have to take to do what you do for a living and the need for greater insurance. A lot of guys on the greater are driving for nothing and without insurance because they can't afford it and that bright there. There is a pretty scary thing to realize, isn't it. It is, you know, and and again, you wanna do elements of the article that you know that were left down and I do. I do agree that a little bit, but once get wasn't mentioned is that card does provide a certain level of insurance for drivers on track? Right. But a lot of guys, if given the opportunity would you know purchase additional above and beyond insurance, because there's really supplemental program, the preferred solution brain driver would be to have their own. But the fact is, you know, insurance on an IndyCar drivers career is not a prospect understand why. And when you have drivers that are out there driving for little to no money that it's just it's just not an option. It's just economically possible and something about that doesn't seem right. And I think there are a lot of collusion that aren't just the team owners or the series pulling putting your hands in pockets and pulling out a bunch of cash to cover this. I think there are other solutions that don't just cost everybody money, but still offer drivers..

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