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Hair all the time and their body wash so jay. Glazer is jay glazer's interesting jay. Glazer is one of those guys that he reports big stories. He not sitting on his phone all day. He's not j just goes out and get. These is a big game hunter. So he's he is. Jay says something. That's true so jay glazer was on pat mcafee. This morning talked about aaron rodgers. He said i know errand still wants out without a doubt absolutely still want out. Every time somebody called the packers it was immediately. Shut down what these teams need to do is continue to call and continue to call so it's interesting because errands approach to this. We talked about this. Yesterday is very much been deniability jerry. Jones was once asked. Why aren't you on social media. And he said. I want deniability. I don't wanna put anything down. Errands never getting quoted for any of this stuff but never forget april. Twenty ninth is the biggest day and the biggest weekend for all. Nfl teams in the off season. They one of the draft. That's the biggest day for the packers off season on that day. Aaron rodgers or somebody connected. Do him leaked to multiple star reporters. I'm unhappy. I want out. Now we know the packers didn't leak it. Because why would they create that kind of chaos and mayhem going into their biggest weekend of the off season. Aaron did it right at the start of the draft ten minutes before three great reporters all trustable all reliable. Had the same exact information folks been in this business. Thirty years doesn't work that way. it's always staggered. Guy's got it here. One guy in our later all three same time. Boom somebody on that side leaked it. So aaron now was not quoted doing it. Aaron wouldn't talk to mike tariq. Oh at the kentucky derby. He hawaii just having fun in yesterday. He was very glib very casual and very indifferent. Here's a sample from him. Being on that gulf match with brady and bryce shambo and mickelson. You're having a great time. You've really kept a low profile. This offseason. I've hardly seen your name at all. You haven't hosted any tv shows or been involved in kind of controversy or anything. It's been a nice peaceful offseason for you. It sounds like it's been yet thank you. It's been one of those quite seasons. You just dream about where you just kind of. Go through your process On your own quietly and You know that's all you can ask for his older player in the league and someone has been around for a long time and just enjoys that time to yourself just relaxed and not be bothered and not any obligations or anything going on you know. I think that's why this offseason been about. It's been really enjoying my time. And spending their where. I wanna spend it and not feeling like apple go anywhere not having any responsibilities but still being an nfl player. He's coming off very happy very casual different but remember. He's the one on draft day his side. Drop the bomb and now green. Bay's gotta clean it up so there was always tension in this relationship right like all relationships husband wife tension..

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