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A porn star she is a very petite pornstar she's like likely corey love up they they knew that they they would need video i think they would need video of my face though which courses exists in you know plentiful rebel yet hard to get a hold of their now i don't know they probably have to match to some extent you know the way the person's head is moving to wear the way the other person bodies mussa i mean there's some there's got to be some artistic kind of trickery going on here or matching that needs to happen otherwise we'll probably look pretty awkward but from the deep fake that we checked out that night on the air i think was actually a monday show from last week or maybe early this week but anyway one of the monday shows we checked some of these things out while we're in the studio and some of them are damn convincing very very lake for for this being in its incipient stages like this is the early stage of this this technology it was very very good jobs or those levi was right it was the defects yeah arkhan but before we even get into the whole porn aspect of this let's talk about just the overall concept of this happening plus we know that there's the audio equipment i forget what it's called that if somebody has enough audio of somebody speaking at i've heard at trent twice a meta it you can literally make them say anything and now with this i'm sure that they're doing porn with it which means they could do thickly anything else with it and then they could make a video and i'm using air quotes there of e n freeman saying almost anything or darrell perry saying almost anything and this come adam calls the end to question is here the accuracy of any video or audio or any kind of even court testimony of anything yes it would in fact that's what we as one of the things that we pointed out in fact somebody had already used this deep fakes a porn technology to do non porn things as you're talking about so they took some politician i forget from which country and they mixed him with hitler they took let's see i think there was a pictures of a photo video of nicholas cage and they put him into all kinds of movies.

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