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Recorder not alone in your feelings about this now. Of course it has to get through the senate. But it's probably going to be pretty well rubber-stamped but do you have any recourse to the states have any recourse not not too much especially when our secretary of state has come out and where to get everything you need to know. It's definitely going to be very challenging again for us in colorado. The majority of that bill doesn't have a huge impact again. It's more about limiting the local control. That i just am not in favor of that in any aspect all right but back to good news just wanted to get your take is that was just breaking today but back to some happier news as you move to your new digs again. Everything that we need to know. You've got an open house to celebrate that new building that consolidates the motor vehicle department the elections department and the recording department to one complete once they compact because it's much more spaces one complete location. Tell us what we need to know about this evenings open house. We're going to start welcoming people to take some tours starting at four thirty and go until you know the last person shows up for a little bit. We do have a cutoff at six but We're very excited for everybody. To come in is at twelve fifty h. As in harry street. So i mean it's just right down the road from our old building so it's not too far not too inconvenient from where everybody's used to going so we're hoping that if you can come out and join you can and take a tour of the new digs and and see why we are so very thankful that we're able to have this location With just being able to service more people in a more efficient manner because of the faith And then i'll just be the the nice new brand new smell of a brand new building and a virtual housewarming gift to you.

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