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So that's not bad. That's that's a pretty big nod. And hopefully he's part of this new generation of free stall is coming out so there's nothing like having twitch hooking you up speaking of ause have been following. The this is just what. I'm looking at on instagram. Basically i'm i'm kind of going through my instagram as i do this podcast. I'm not really but a couple of rod is like. I just wanted to give some special mentions because i said at the start. I'm i'm actually really impressed. And on i'm really loving. The future. freestyle can gar wall. Everybody's taking this break and a couple of rod is. That really stood out to me. Is another ozzy ripa. Jake may who's from bundy. Not too far from where i live or are come from so if you follow his account i've been reposting lot of his stuff from his account over the last couple weeks and it's so good to see young is out there. Busting their awesome and pushing the sport and jake for instance is basically built every ramp variation. He's working on so many tricks. And i think when freestyle motocross competitions come back in two thousand twenty one with some big tracks and different courses. I think he's going to be one of those. Riders will turn some heads. So it's good to see the guys out there using this time off in a sense for a good purpose. The other one that i wanted to mention is actually none of us. Petite is. I guess he's handle on a g- willem navas the younger of the navas brothers more for him. He's just sending this quarter pipe. He's just basically build the quarterback. He's built a landing and he's been putting up kind of like daily progress videos and the first day's video looked like he was a seasoned veteran on the quarter pipe. it's he went huge and then on the third day it was even bigger. Sorry i can't wait to see what grimm none of us can do even in a month or six months or a year so he's definitely gonna to look out for i. Obviously the quota pop is something. That's really taken off right now in freestyle and i love it and he seems to be one of these guys who's just put into it. He told me he sold. His motocross. bike is two stroke is bicycles money. He made from rotting those good old circus showers into building the quarter pipe. Set up. cy yeah just a little bit of a note for you to keep an eye out on those guys. Speaking of the quarter pipe Actually a want to send a little bit of love in the way of shine. Boyd if you haven't seen over the past couple of weeks he had a huge and what was most concerning is he ruptured the ollery next to his hot and was bleeding to death so it took twenty one bags of blood being placed in an induced coma having his spine fused after a fractured. It dislocated it on top of that seventeen broken ribs. A fractured pelvis collapsed lungs and fractured c. Four and c. five vertebra. The ones that are in your neck. That's absolutely unbelievable. He must have been so close To yeah what. We don't wanna think of so. He's lucky to be alive and obviously as an australian shame. Boyd has been on the right off of the lawsuit twenty years. I guess he's one of the best motocross and supercross races out of australia. He's good he's aren't track. Actually that you can ride down in victoria called full amex and actually rode with him. Once unin wants uh. I think it was about two thousand eleven. Twelve with shui and cam sinclair and sings took us to the secret spot somewhere near melbourne where. We met shane boyd..

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