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Welcome to the Todd and don show we're alive, and we want you to join us at 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and done. Top state officials yesterday in Fort Worth in a press conference expressed their discipline. Level of the city of Boston decision to transition, finding out of the Austin Police Department into AH, variety of other social services and programs And and basically governor Grant garbage, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnet. Joining forces together and announcing a proposal stating that any Texas city that defunds there police. From now on, we'll have their ability to increase property taxes frozen. And this was specifically specifically for what Austin, Texas did last. We have pretty pretty hard core. Joining us on the news, Linus, Speaker of the Texas House, Mr Dennis, Bonding speaker. Thank you so much. Explain why you're doing this. We can't sit and watch the city, Boston or, frankly, any other city in Texas choose to get on this socialist extreme agenda of the funding the police Public safety is one of the core functions of government and it is unacceptable to do with city of Austin is doing and we wanted to one send a message to Austin. It's not okay and secondly, make sure that no other cities decided this was a good idea to play games with their citizens public safety and use their police departments. To score political points on a national level, but think that this is probably going to go to court. I mean, the mayor of Austin, Texas, loves to sue the state. And I would assume that the state of Texas prepared for that right? Absolutely. And the round of it is what the mayor of Austin should do is not suited state. The mayor of Boston should get back to the core function of government, which is protect your citizens. The reality that is Austin is a sitting on a city on the rise. Great things are happening in Austin, but I tell you if they go forward on these decisions, they will change the upward direction in trajectory of the city of Boston think it already has think it already has its sad It is not an intelligent thing to do, and I I don't know what they believe They are gaining by doing so good question right there. While the mayor he's pushing back already. He says, No, we didn't cut 152 million. We only cut 20 million from the police budget, playing some semantics playing games with us. Sure, well in here's Here's the problem with that, is that you know in 2016. Here in his effort to stop letting citizens have a better voice. In a better say in their property tax bills. He put a pressure we sell, saying that 15.4 million would have been lost by the way it would have been lost Latest would have had a $15.4 million gain in property tax revenues. Um, that that would have We should not risk police, he says. It's risky and not real tax release. So in 2016 years worth about 15 million not coming in not to just the police Department for the city in general. And now you think? Hey, I didn't do 1 150 million only did 2020 still hold, huh? 15? Yeah, Okay. You're absolutely right. The mayor went T o the Legislature last session and fought so hard against the taxpayer. Lawmakers were trying to put some safety nets in place. If taxpayers we're going to face a higher than 3.5% increase than the voters would get a say in the mayor, the mayor fought that tooth and nail And you're right. It's OK to fight it. He has a right to disagree with him is right you but here's what is offensive. In 16 17 and in 19. The first thing they lead with ISS. Police public safety. You cannot give protection to the taxpayer because you will harm public safety. It later. I have cold after quote. This is risky. It's our our community safety. Why do you use in league with the police on that issue, But your de funding them over here, and I mean it..

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