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Yeah, the square, the little square. What an invention that is. Jesus. Anyway, we can move on. Speaking of an invention that I thought of. So when I had COVID and I lost, like, I still don't have no taste, which is the worst thing in the world. If you want to invent an amazing, if you would want to invent an amazing diet pill, just make it so that it completely crushes your taste. And then you just don't eat a 100% lose weight. It's a genius idea. Wow. So think about it. You know, if you want to lose weight, get on a diet pill that dipole can take away your taste and you just won't eat. There's no reason. I don't talk about it now, so I got it. Yeah, it fucked with my head for about ten days, not being able to taste and I didn't know whether I was hungry or full. So you essentially got to set your alarm to like force yourself to eat. Yeah, it sucks, man. It took me a while to get my smell back, more so than my taste. Something. No, I'm over. I'm like 14 days now. No taste, no smell fucked beyond belief in my head. It is an absolute bizarre thing. But at the same time I'm thinking, listen, I'm losing weight right now 'cause I'm not eating, because I don't want to eat 'cause I don't taste it. So get a dipole like that and I think it would kill it. You're not eating chocolate M and M's or the peanut butter peanut M and ms. It's like, it's like not worth it to me. It's like NWT. I know you got a worth of calories because I don't want to eat it if I don't enjoy it. Okay. But I'll tell you what you did do this weekend while you were at home resting was you watching the UFC fights oh yeah, they were great. Let's talk about Sean. Yeah, sugar Sean O'Malley. Actually, the craziest thing was in Nunez, who lost? Yes. Oh my God, yeah, she was, I actually saw a tweet. Somebody bet like 350 grand to win 30 grand that she'd win. She was that much of a favorite. I know. Laying that lay in that juice is just foolish, but yeah, sugar Sean O'Malley, I had seen him fight. It was this summer in July. I know UFC fights out when I watch them. I kind of stay involved and then I lose touch until the next one I'll pretty much order them all, but I saw that O'Malley fight for the first time and he was electric. He's got the rainbow colored hair. So I saw he was fighting in. He wasn't even the main event. So I was like, oh, this is a great night to get him. He was dominant first round knocked out some guy who I think was like 22 and 5 from Brazil. They said it was going to be one of his tougher fights and he made work of them. Like I mentioned Nunez lost, and then Poirier, who I was a big fan of after I saw him kick McGregor's at well heck McGregor's asked the first time and then the most recent one was when he broke his leg, I believe, Connor. But he was coming back against the guy who held the belt. I thought Poirier was going to take it to him and he lost. So UFC, you had a good point when we're talking about it that the lead up and the walk in and the entrance in the beginning is like, I'm not gonna say it's half the enjoyment, but in the end, I think a UFC person would take offense that, but for me, who's just kind of an outside fan, that's the stuff that gets me fired up is the beginning. And then, as I'm watching these fights, it's almost a little bit of I'm waiting for like something gross to happen and I'm not a big fan of the broken legs. The snap knees. You know what I'm saying? No thanks. Yeah, I'm always like watching like am I gonna wanna see this replay if you see a quick knockout you don't know what it's gonna look like when you see that the slo-mo, but I had a blast watching, it was good. And it was a huge night of hockey Saturday too. So I was all over that. I actually did see that Poirier fight the bomb we were at getting a bite up here. That was eating some serious fucking punches, man. Those first couple rounds. It's modern day gonna try to see the fucking where you guys know what I'm trying to put movie, Gladiator. Gladiator? Did that win best picture already? Yeah. Thank you guys. Get up. Yeah, Ridley Scott. Best, I know you took a shot a minute ago, but you caught a ricochet shot on TNT this week. Max Patrick. I said, we're gonna play it. Let it roll G I think everyone agrees here on the panel that that turning point of second missing that opened up to put it 5 two is was a big play. When you're on the bench and that happens is there you know a sigh of relief and chatter amongst the boys kind of knowing that you guys are going to turn around and win that game. Yeah, I mean, you've been on a bench. You know.

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