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Rummler. Gone governor andrew cuomo uses third installment of the state of the state address wednesday to take on meeting the challenges of climate change. Cuomo announced at the new york state energy research and development authority will contract for two new offshore wind projects generating twenty five hundred megawatts of clean electric power the largest offshore wind project in the country. Joe martin's has the new york for wind alliance calls that a quantum leap forward toward meeting the goal of nine thousand megawatts by twenty thirty five as mandated by the climate leadership and community protection. Act the governor signed in july twenty nineteen here we are less than two years out in the state as already contract for almost half of that together also announced contracts for twenty four new solar projects that will generate a total of about twenty two hundred megawatts of power. I'm andrea sears. Reporting and finally are damn but argh tells us to help. The next generation of farmers a west virginia community formed group is raising funds to acquire land for future growers in a former coal region. The west virginia agrarian commons looks to buy an eighty two acre farm in fayette county with a ninety nine year lease according to end mcsweeney with the agrarian. Trust which is working with the mountain state group. He says the average age of farmland owners is about sixty five and the cooperative farm will lower cost to make it easier for new growers to enter agriculture production. Just thing farmers are aging out. The cost of farm land and farming is considerable which leads to thirty seven mid sized farms a day closing is just financially unsustainable for a farmer. Stacks that next generation farmers to take over in a state where twelve million acres of farmland. The commons group wants to preserve appalachian agrarian way of life while also transforming formerly called dominated. Land. this is my clifford for public. news service. Servicemember and listener supported her. I great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service dot. Org it is a look at your local forecast from the heartland newsfeed with us into that will be blustery conditions today with a sixty percent chance of rain. Winds will gust as much as thirty miles per hour from the southwest high temperatures in the mid forties tonight partly cloudy skies with a forty percent chance of rain rain low in the lower twenties. Friday it will be colder and cloudier. There's a slight chance of snow showers in the morning. High in the mid thirty s. That's the latest checkouts more news and weather on our website at http newsfeed dot com online. You at least if you're on somebody else's platform you have to pay whatever there rules are and i realize some people don't like that but it is universally. I mean. there's no way even if you have your own website set like we do. We still have to obey our web host terms of service and even if we host our own web host we still have to obey the terms. The services of isp. Well i can tell you that. I don't know what those terms of service our intention of obeying. I will move around until i can find a place where i am unmolested and i will say what i want to say in the meantime with you man but i get what you're saying is that they have these terms of service because they're corporations which means that they exist at the behest politicians right. These aren't just people who are running a business. They've decided they need to incorporate their business. Which is this sort of magical legal end quote unquote legal fiction idea. That lawyers came up with to protect people from liability. Well on the other side of that. Is those people then become even more obedient to the state. Why because they asked for a benefit when you ask the state to do something for you which is to say protect you from liability then on the other hand that you gotta do. What the state says. And so that's why all these corporations have terms of service that say well as you're using our product or service you have to use it in a lawful manner. You have to follow every stupid rule. These politicians come up with. They've got that and their terms of service that way. If you break the the so called laws which are just words on paper written by strangers and enforced by violent men and women but if you break those those laws then. The corporation has the excuse. Obviously they're going to leave hands off until it's you know all eyes are on them like we found out with this This host the hosting company in montreal. That took down the tree of liberty. Website the big lucite right. You know we found out that they they did that only after they were found out to have been host so they made the made news headlines and then they're like oh that's on our service okay. We'll take it down so obviously they didn't either didn't know or didn't care. I didn't know. Probably i imagine there isn't a whole lot of screening processes that go into what is being put up. And what isn't yeah. I suspect you're right about that. I mean especially with the large. These are yeah so This is what's happening out there and you need to know about it. The question is what is going to happen. What are the options. What are the alternatives. You know obviously you don't want to be on amazon because they've taken down there known for taking down politically unpopular sites. But are there any places that are not likely to target politically unpopular sites. Now look. I don't support cloudflare to some sort of web hosting. I don't think they do. I think they just protect you from Denial of service attacks and they do serve some cdn content so like they might serve your images out or something like that. But i don't know if they do straight up web hosting. I guess the question would be who is hosting the pirate bay. That is a good question because they're probably the one to go with right and of course they've had they've been followed around the internet for for a decade and have had to jump through different Web hosts in different. Url's they've changed url's doesn't plus time. I don't even use their url anymore. I just pull out their dark net site because it has never ever ever gone down really their main website. The pirate bay dot se or the martin bay dot org whatever it is right now it. There's a ten percent chance of it working. When i want it to so just a habit now of going to them on the dark net. Now how do you find the darkness. Site is the hidden mickey. Or what's the method for. I have it saved dark dot fail. I'm sure they do say bill in a document so it doesn't change because a lot of these online like dark net market sites. They're constantly changing their url. Right because you always have to go and find out. somebody's marseils. Yeah all right. So they're not getting the the pirate bay not that i am aware of interesting. If you wanna comment here. Our number six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty so are there any web hosts out there that actually do allow people to say what they want. I don't support violence. But that doesn't mean that i. I'm obligated to stop someone from saying whatever violent things they want to say yeah. I don't support violence either. I do support free speech. And you've been if someone is advocating violence. Those are just words and those don't hurt anyone. You're say they may inspire someone to actually orchestrate that violence but the person who orchestrated the violence is response is responsible and the person who is saying so like if you threaten somebody. That's generally considered a criminal act. It shouldn't be if the person believes that they're in well. That person's level of fear should not be what determines whether or not it's a threat. Okay my intent to act upon. It is what should make that determination. So let's boil this down to the absurd. Sure to try to make the point. We do that. Well we do that right okay. I see what you're saying as a free speech advocate. I would never take away. Someone's right to make these statements. However if i'm standing in the same room as you and i say this is just for entertainment purposes here aria. I'm going to kill you.

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