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And maybe one of the first times when totally least expected to make it may have now made it as the Eastern Conference champs taking in exhilarating towards the endgame 7 in Miami, the warriors have been just sitting around waiting after dispatching of the Mavericks within 5 games, Tom tolbert, who is intimately knowledgeable about the Golden State Warriors, their building, their franchise, he'll be joining us in about 19 minutes time. Andrew Brant longtime executive in the NFL, he'll be joining us in our number three. In person in studio, our number three is when we're going to dive deeply into the story of the weekend. Not game 7. And not anything else that's going on. 22nd time, the Celtics have made the final. 22nd time. They're 17 and four. Not that. We're not looking at that in our number three, a deep dive. We're not talking about darvin ham. The new head coach of the Lakers and the Lakers have yet to make that announcement. It was the woj bomb that happened on a Friday. So it's jock Peterson getting slot by Tommy Pham. A batting practice moment between the Giants and the reds and apparently it's over fantasy football and I mean that jock Peterson sent Tommy Pham and it's glorious. The whole thing is incredible. And we're going to handle it in a way that I don't think any other show is going to handle it. How's that for a tease? I'm teeth, okay? That's our number three of this program. You're not going to want to miss it. You're not going to want to tune off of peacock or SiriusXM 85 or this rich ozone show terrestrial radio outfit or Odyssey or any other way that you can get this program. It's going to be glorious is all I'm going to say on that front. 8 four four two O four rich is the number to adopt. We want to have a conversation with us here in the last day of May. But Memorial Day weekend in the books, we hope you are all healthy. And we send our best to all the families of servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our democracy in this country and for anyone out there who currently serves who knows of somebody who passed. We're sending our best to you. And we're hoping you are happy and healthy coming off of that three day weekend, which gave Chris brockman an extra day of stuff for us to overreact to. So because the weekend is now over, even though it is a Tuesday, it's time for overreaction Monday.

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