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That is low and outside Wall Street so from all it to it's gone to three and two Morton. Has a two point nine earned run averages one, twelve and lost two hundred twenty four and a third innings pitched only ninety four hits allowed three to pitch he. Is low at ninety eight miles an hour but to loan So Andrew. Mccutchen the first time that he had ever gone, to the plate Against his old teammate Charlie Morton Rosza walk Oh in, two to ball four It as a board again it's the ninth time that he's been on. Base in the, last three games and of course this is just the. First, inning of? The, third game now BUSTER Posey Posey hitting to ninety. Eight five homers thirty seven and a fastball is low at ninety six. Miles an hour Morton the pitcher and Maldonado the catcher just recently acquired from the angels White at, first base Gonzalez at second bregman at short Guliani third camp the leftfielder Nick and center Rettig in right Fastball outside, Maldonado keeps, holding the ball there as if Shane to Quinn Wolcott the upper hand it's right there. But the. Computerized strike zone is not agreeing with him And, in the computer, strikes don't say that during not even really that close To another cat here it is BUSTER takes. A called strike right on the inside corner at ninety six miles an hour Blaster got the back going well the giants are on the road To lifted up to ninety eight Is the first diving back to the bag is mccutchen Musters had fourteen hits in his last twenty seven at bats It's pretty hot White on the baggage I with mccutchen there goes mccutchen the pitches swung on and fouled into. The batters box it came up and hit busters leg came up. Off the dirt To the count. To BUSTER Posey day game here tomorrow at twelve forty five the giants..

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