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He's gonna come back tomorrow but the doctor told him stay off of it today but he got a really bad spider bite on his foot. I've never. I've never had that type of reaction to about i've had like bad. Hives breakout and stuff. But i've never had if you read like a black widow. Buy yes well. I don't know if there's a black widow or a brown recluse spider. But i had a bite right. I have a bite right in the middle of my forehead. And if you ever are close to me you'll see. I've got like a little permanent divet where the spider actually bit me on my face. It was a terrible experience. Terrible experience but but hor- hey we hope we'll be back tomorrow. You realize how exciting it's going to be the next week. This is like well. Thursday is going to be a lot of. Nba moves between now and thursday because draft. It's thursday night we're gonna get we're gonna get into a little bit today. But the was the mlb. Trade deadline is friday at one and then the nba free agency opens monday. Three and those padres are making a lot of noise. They are they they already traded for. Adam frazier who has more hits than anybody. In major league baseball that year he's gonna slide right into second base. Yup and there were rumors. Last night turned out to be insubstantiated but rumors last night that they were very close to getting max scherzer and if they do that if they come at you with sure zor and snell and darvish in the playoffs with frazier now hidden in the top half of that lineup along with two ts. I mean look out. Yeah i mean. They're two and a half games behind us now. So they're in it. We're two games behind san francisco. And did you see what happened saturday. I i actually go whole game called this on friday. I said watch kenley jansen. We'll get his twenty-third save on saturday. And not exactly how you predicted. The dodgers actually got away with some stuff this weekend. They scored one run in. That game was a home. Run by the backup catcher austin barnes and they won one to nothing kinley still gives me makes me nervous when they brought him in on saturday. It made me nervous especially in a one. Nothing game but you recognize that he is going to be the guy like they will they. I tweeted this friday. They'll go as far during the during your rights. Run as kenley. Jansen can carry a. That's asinine no that's not asinine. That's so how did they win the world three. They didn't even pitch kinley in the playoffs. Yeah can kinley. Kenley had troubles last year in class. But that doesn't mean to say go is but he had a monolithic convention at any minute but he was the reliever of the month in september he had a tremendous september and this year regular season. Wise they're going to need a rock solid bullpen down the stretch. And if you if you all of a sudden removed kenley from the from the closer spot and he you're you lose them. Essentially as as a setup guys a meaningful high leverage guy you've got blake tried and closing and the nobody really to set up now that has they've got a chance to resolve that this week at the trade deadline and i'm sure they're going to be at least a couple of relievers that her choir during this stretch. But if not starters yeah by the way it's not coming back because he's been throwing okay he's been so now would help. He was done grad. I'll looked really good on only finally grads all got six up and six down on on saturday. Yes so he looked good against have now changed the subject. Have you seen the breaking news. That's happened in the last two minutes..

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