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Oh nine a former chairman of the NTSB says duck boats aren't designed for. Commercial recreate National use James Hall. Says the design of the World. War, Two era vessels makes them prone to the kind of. Accidents that led to the sinking of a duck boat in. Branson Missouri, that left seventeen people dead authorities are interviewing witnesses to. What. Happened and. NTSB lead investigator Bryan Young says they've retrieved the recorder from the sunken boat Real objective is going to be to. Find out what kind of information they had on board when they made the decision to go out there's a lot more for us to understand investigators have also also have video of, the sinking taken from another, boat that was nearby the duck boat went under after a severe. Storm sprang up, bringing winds hitting sixty five miles an hour The. Threat of rain didn't keep, a couple, of hundred people from taking part in the first Roxbury unity parade, WBZ's Bill Marcus reports the clouds seemed to parks for, the marchers suicide prevention counselor. And headstart teacher toyed Burton battle. Bureaucracy and apathy, is actually put it into action a year, ago and here we are today and if that wasn't enough the skies threaten to shutdown to but his nine year old Rene Johnson who's a rising fourth grader at Dudley. Street neighborhood charter school says the spirit of Roxbury was to power through the rain no matter what rainy day people still kept their. Positive energy they're still like you know what we're gonna work through it even though my get hard or Poor ally Said. The mayor this is awesome in Roxbury Bill Marcus WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty WBZ news time coming up on. Five eleven we turn now to WBZ's Chris pharma in the ace hticket..

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