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Wisconsin. Senator ron johnson is in the group of senate. Republicans planning to challenge the certification of joe biden's presidential election. Victory are might moen reports. One political expert predicts it won't change the outcome but could harm democracy. Johnson and nearly a dozen other members of the senate have to fight the results when wednesday's vote takes place mat pareto of the ucla voting rights project says because the house has to vote as well. The plan isn't likely to succeed. They are attempting to use centuries-old loopholes to try to at least make one final stand and baretto thanks. It's fairly clear not enough senate. Republicans to make a difference will go along. He warns giving unfounded claims of voter fraud. Up platform could convince some people to never acknowledge the presidential election results and call the whole system into question for future votes. Senator johnson says his group is protecting the views of voters who don't think biden's victory is legitimate prior to these certification in congress trump sought a recount in wisconsin. But that and other legal challenges were unsuccessful. Overturning biden's win in the badger state the washington post reports. President trump urged fellow republican brand. Burger the georgia secretary of state to find enough votes to overturn his defeat. In an extraordinary one hour phone. Call saturday that legal scholars described as a flagrant abuse of power and a potential criminal at post obtained a recording of the conversation in which trump ultimately braided rosberg her. Try to flatter him. Beg you go back and then threatened him with criminal consequences. If the secretary of state refused to pursue trump's false claims at one point trump worn reference burger he was taking a big risk. public transit. ridership has plummeted to historic lows across the us but some cities are pushing to sustain public transit services and improve infrastructure for life after covid nineteen studies have found neighborhoods with higher numbers of essential workers as well as black and brown residents continue to rely on public transit during the pandemic and about eighty five percent of riders lack access to a car to keep transportation access equitable safe for residents charlotte mayor pro. Tem julianne seoul. Says cities will have to find new ways to pay for public transit. The sources of funding for revenue for transportation have been going away. It's been primarily the gas tax and that really has flattened out. it's even worse during cova. She says charlotte is considering increasing. Its sales tax along with leveraging state and federal funding to help pay for a ten year transportation plan. I'm nadia ramlan. Pms were they. third covid. nineteen wave looming. A new report identifies critical priorities for children's wellbeing in vermont mary. Sherman reports for soundbite source according to the annie e. casey foundation eleven percent of vermont families with children report. Not having enough to eat and ten percent say they have slightly or no confidence and their ability to make the next rent or mortgage payment on time while a second relief package was signed this week. Sarah teale with voices for vermont's children says the pandemic is far from over she notes that inequality grew during the ten years. It took to recover from the last recession. A decade is the majority of child's technical childhood. So we don't have time to wait another decade for this recession which is projected to be than the last to resolve itself. Report also indicates the precarious south of some vermont families. Five percent don't have health insurance and twenty two percent so they felt depressed or hopeless in recent weeks. Broken down by race. The report shows how current and historic policies have driven deep inequities families access to resources and sue pandemic began many state and federal policies have been enacted to prevent writers for being addicted but there's also an initiative for struggling homeowners with certain types of mortgages to avoid foreclosure the federal government has extended the period for homeowners with an fha back clone to qualify for referring or reducing their monthly payments. For up to six months that approval period runs now through february. The twenty eighth and mac zappia with minnesota commerce department says that deadline is important and an important distinction there between your application being submitted and approval so frankly any bar who is experiencing financial difficulties paying their mortgage related to covid should contact their mortgage servicer as soon as possible to review their options with them. Fairly are eric. Ticket off tells us idaho's governor brad little's workgroup to consider what to do about dwindling. Salmon numbers has wrapped up as conservation. Groups have neighboring states saints time for a regional approach. Brad vander who will head of columbia river keeper says the woman climate is making it difficult for salmon and steelhead to navigate the columbia and snake rivers. He says the fisher in a dire situation and this issue can't be solved by a single state. I think that's why there's so much effort going in among the states and the federal government and tribal nations and interested people who rely on care about salmon to come up with solutions. Tuber the governors of idaho montana oregon and washington signed an agreement to work together on recovery of salmon and steelhead in the region. Vander whoville says restoring salmon populations also as crucial for orcas in the northwest. This is by clifford. Thanks for start your week with public new service member list of supported on radio stations across the nation and online at public. Do service dot. Org is your local forecast from the heartland news feed weather center overnight. Some easy conditions across the region. That is a dense fog advisory in effect until noon on monday. Expect visibility across most of illinois lulu around twenty-six on your monday mostly cloudy skies patchy fog during the morning hours light wind during the morning hours with wind speeds as high as ten miles per hour in the afternoon highs in the mid forties. Monday night more of the same until the morning then becoming partly cloudy wind speeds around ten miles per hour with a low in the upper twenties. That's your full cost from the all weather center sleek and maybe the steelers weren't trying to show too much mason rudolph plan no big ben. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Are everything else going on like the giants who were hoping to get into the postseason with a win over the cowboys but they needed some help from the eagles. And guess what. The eagles didn't help them out too much. They didn't do it. Man that team from washington. The washington football team is going to the postseason people seven and nine on the season. That's with the washington redskins are and they will be representing the nfc east. They do get into the post season packers they get it done emphatically over the chicago bears. put up thirty five points once again. They score tony points. Aaron rodgers looks great. The packers have home field advantage throughout the postseason. Good for them. Those are my green bay. Packers love you guys. Colts there in the postseason.

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