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But hey, the defense. Contrary has got rich. So as worthy, right, okay. If you say, so transportation department State Department interior department all dramatically reduced. So the defense department will go up to seven hundred and fifty billion dollars a year of Trump's proposal wins. Let's go to graphics thirty two and thirty three soggy and show, you context of how much we spend in defense because it must be tiny. Right. Because we got to catch up. No as you see there. We way out spend the rest of the world. That's the top fifteen countries military expenditures in two thousand sixteen but if you notice the US six hundred eleven billion there, and now in this chart, it's for twenty seven thousand six hundred and ten billion Trump's increase at the seven hundred fifty billion dollars that is way more than China, Russia and all those other countries combined. We have no problems with defense. We out spend every other major weaponized country by a landslide. But defense contractors are huge donors to politicians. So people got a good gotta get greased corporations that got that giant tax cuss. Huge donors politicians you getting Medicare let alone the poor folks getting Medicaid, you are not huge donors politicians. So they'll take it from you. They'll take it from your medicine. And they'll give it to the rich to the corporations and to the defense industry. So this is how you get robbed. Take a break when we come back. Alexandria, Cossio Cortez got criticized for telling the truth during her appearance at south by south west. We hope you're enjoying this free clip from the Turks if you wanna get the whole show and more exclusive content while supporting independent media become a member of T dot com slash joined today. In the meantime, enjoy this free site..

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