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I just don't think they wanna put that big workload on him, but I do think going into this game, the girls are doing with the same three running backs that they had active against the coach, which were Corey when they'll Smallwood who has surprisingly played pretty well pretty, which is weird. He's not pass not paths protecting obviously. And then Josh Adams, who is district crucial. Third down, you know, toss the ball to that guy in the backfield to your third one guy. But but given that that those guys combined for one hundred forty two rushing yards on thirty two attempts which is to four point four clip, which is pretty good when you're considering. That's your fourth and fifth string running backs right there. So maybe they can get by with these guys, at least in the short term. I think you're looking at similar usage situation in that game where Corey was at sixteen carries when a smaller around ten than you have Josh Adams for. For probably no more than five and then you're probably getting smaller a little bit more involved in the passing game and Corey as well. But I think in small, it especially has really proven. He's been able to be productive there. When poets numbers I that you if you if you haven't seen them, I bet you there. They will surprise you John. Have you seen those numbers now? Not race has twenty five carries this year for one hundred fifty yards, which is a six point, zero average and one touchdown. That is surprising. And then as a receiver, he as at ten for ninety six and a touchdown, which is pretty good overall score last week against the Vikings. So when a small, it has been surprisingly solid good, which at still hard to wrap my head around to believe, and it's still hard to to truly appreciate too because of what you said like the fact is so terrible, impasse protection kind of negates some of that good production as a skilled player, and it's not an issue, although that's where I think getting Corey back. Really makes the difference this week, having that third down back who can stay in there and you can count on to help protect Carson Wentz and as well as being another option as a pass catcher because that's not something JJ is really good at, you know, that's something Corey Ken do. I think getting him back does does really help. They've certainly they've won when he's been on the field as opposed to any hasn't. So I do look forward to getting quarterback back this week and ultimately, I guess this game kinda give us a better gauge of what they might need to do it running back. If it's a week where they're not able to get anything going against its giant team, maybe they get even more desperate. But we'll see, well, there are some options out there, so we'll see what happens here. We're gonna give you our picks on this game coming up here in just a few minutes. But first before we do that, let's run through our NFC. East picks real quick this week b. l. g. and obviously is only two other NFC east games. We're gonna talk about because the giants and eagles obviously playing each other. Let's start off in the district of Columbia as Washington. Carolina, Washington favored by just one point in this one. What are your thoughts on the Panthers going into DC Washington coming up short week where they just got blown out then very embarrassing fashion, pretty much not liking what I saw that Alex Smith, they're not liking what I thought of that team in general. I think they're ultimately better than what they showed their, but man, what if there is not what if they're really bad too, and I liked the Panthers better here. I know didn't really have their best game alternately against a giants anon- impressive nines team at home. But I think with again, Washington coming off the short week and I just think I trust more in this Panthers team right now. I'm going to go the other way. I'm gonna ring the bell on you. There be j I like Washington at home here this week. I think Alex Smith will bounce back. I think that I think Washington, I, you know, I'm not. I'm more than Washington at this point..

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