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This is not dan. Patrick voice lavar arrington voice. And i have my man. Tj cushman's oughta emma the ga stretch armstrong himself plaxico birds. This is up on game crew. We're actually filling in for dan patrick into danettes. They're taking a little bit of our in our time and we're going to do our best to fill in. So yeah. that's a game show for the dan. Patrick show today so we're excited to get in here. Get you guys a great show so much to talk about We're going to get to tim tebow and a couple minutes taunting. We'll talk about taunting that's going to be interesting about a silly topic silly sports headlines all kinds of different things that will get to today rookie. Quarterback's what they're doing the youth movement. There's a whole lot of stories unfolding as nfl season nears. So make sure you buckle up. Get yourselves ready to go Be awhile ride so we appreciate you joining us. Tj plex how ya doing. Good morning to everyone ran. I feel good man ready to go baby. How you on this beautiful wins the early morning you know so let's just still we do a You out on the golf course you off. The gulf brings man. You got well you got going on the greens what you got going on. I am not tom This past monday. Myself and fred smoot we. We hosted our eighth annual Golf charity event for autism military. You know You know supporting families and things of those nature so eight years and you will leave autism it was it was a great event and you know hopefully in another twelve months we can make it nine years. That is awesome that they congratulations man. I wish i could have been there. I promise i'd do make one day. We're going to do the show from there at some point. A beautiful what. We're going to do speaking of being able to do that. Maybe one day. These guys are help us out with doing that. Say good things you know. They say good things. Come to those who wait the 2021 twenty one mercedes-benz suv family proves otherwise. It takes no time at all you know. Why could you set up a test drive at your local mercedes dealer. Learn more about m. b. u. s. a. dot com our go to mb usa dot com..

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