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To pilot smaller vote. No, all right. Think it's a captain. But the boating people can you please Texas the Online Trading Academy text line nine eight nine seven three. I don't want to get that wrong. This is a boat filled up fast summertimes, it's like this. When it's completely full. I haven't had to turn anyone away yet. But everyone's very happy to get on and get to work. She sounds like a captain. Well, I think that's a pilot. She sounds more friendly like a pilot of the she lacks the southern accent. With actually teach airline pilots now to Mike Lewis's point wash dot said, they didn't expect today would be the worst. We do expect Monday traffic to be a little bit lighter than normal because it's it's a Monday. But as the traffic volumes build over the week, it's important that we'd be diligent and stick with our new travel plan. Now, I'm rooting for badness here. I am I because I want people to understand the fruits of their decision to vote for people who hate our personal mobility. And who hate the fact that we drive and who are unwilling to operate in the reality of how people want to live their lives and in choose I said. Instead in choose perpetual, adolescence we liked by cycles, and we like buses, and if we just make driving painful enough, everybody's gonna give in and jump on and Choo Choo train a be shipped around like a package, and it's ever going to happen. That's I think that's a terrific point. Todd, by way of it being an insane point. This is this is I mean, unless you sane point unless you anticipate landfill or something that's going to actually expand the geography in some fashion. I don't know how you actually antipates that we are going to do more to accommodate more cars when it's full. It's full. Expanding lanes like they've done this time. So they've expanded the I five lanes they painted new lanes. When the Choo Choo train, stole a bunch of lanes on the bridge. They suddenly painted new lanes. Plus, I've heard this thing about computer driven cars, which will be controlled by Ray. Great. One. I'm never going to be in one. But that's okay. Other people are and that that smooths out the commute and the folks who are building all this transit infrastructure. They know that they want to embedded in our lives because once it's all built, oh, you can't fire the government workers. It's not an insane point, Mike, you know, this year reported that the executive director of the Washington State Department transportation, Roger Millar said I refuse to work congestion. He's a guy who wants us all shoved into the city. So we all live in the beautiful beautiful towers downtown. He said as much well, he didn't exactly that's that's somewhat out of context what he was actually saying when he was talking about that is that there are certain areas that congestion were not going to solve by building more lanes, and that's entirely true. We aren't there isn't even room for them. If you wanna go down I five in any stretch that is inside a populated area where the problems exist and find me that extra space. I'd be delighted let's built or not actually going to build up. Let's build tunnels for cars versus tiny little tunnels for future. This is a tunnel that we're talking about right now that was built for cars. It's not it's built for people to avoid downtown. It's built. With thirty three percent fewer lanes in the then divide tat. It's built to make sure people bypass downtown. It's not built with any notion of getting people downtown micro you seriously suggesting needed. There's not a warrant cars at there's not that they're not killing lanes and trying to make it harder to drive that's not part of the design. Well, of course that I mean, I don't know what you mean by a war on cars first off. I mean that sounds like that sounds like language designed to make me respond to something that doesn't actually exist. So let's just let's remove that. And let's just talk about whether or not you can actually build enough infrastructure to make everyone be able to drive by themselves in their own car anywhere in any populated metropolitan area on the planet. And you can't I think our water makes it impossible for that to happen. Because you're talking about something similar that we saw in Boston during the big dig where you're going under rivers and under bays and underwater, and that is such a huge overall project. She's not it's not feasible without mean by the Warren cars is the war in cars where people. Have said we need to make it more difficult to drive downtown. We need to insert pain. There would even do simple things. Here's a simple thing that could make downtown a much more joyful place. All the cars stopped all the walkers walk. That'd be really easy. They don't wanna do that. They want to advantage transit which moves the fewest percentage of people in terms of finding space. I say buildup double I five I love to see a double triple deck. I five I'd like to see that to move people the way they want to be moving. But maybe that just makes me all wrong headed in that. I want to respond to what people are going to do pray for some food you trade, then a state income tax for that double decker on I five state income taxes illegal unless it's equally Levy a tax to pay for that double decker. I would add efficiencies to government, I would instantly efficiencies, and let's do this. We're going to talk about paying things. Why don't we have transit be self-supporting? Why don't we have people who ride the Choo Choo train pay seventy percent of their fair like they do in terms of the ferries, etc. Why don't we do that? Instead of have all the people who drive their cars be forced to subsidize this to the tune of thirty or forty. Thousand bucks per year for some of us. I'll never train. Well. Yeah. But you're benefiting from it being there. No, I'm not you're also paying for public schools that you are not attending I'm assuming although you know, you did complete sixth grade. Correct. Well. Fleet is way way to look at it. I was I was asked to leave. You're.

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