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The takeaway is supported by the showtime documentary series the circus political insiders john heilmann alex wagner and mark mckinnon take you beyond the headlines of the wildest political show on earth watch the circus sundays only on showtime seeking safety in the united states and instead winding up in detention i was good to solan jif key for about four birth me out with me she's trimming emboss what can happen when an asylum seeker gets released for cases of people walking six seven miles to find a homeless shelter i heard about a woman who tried to go back into the detention center in order to sleep because she didn't know where else to go the long process of asylum and the difficult road once it's granted also beyond say's coachella performance captivated social media and helped one mom see why her daughter admires the singer so much the rest of the black pioneers loosened the jar for beyond saint pop it open and that's what she did this is the takeaway for monday twentythird twenty eighteen the process of getting a silo as become more difficult each and every them in america is supposed to be a protection for people escaping danger in their home country adopted poro from nigeria is one of them this is the takeaway i'm todd's stories have refugees have dominated the headlines over the last year but we hear a lot less about asylum seekers and the many difficulties they face applying for asylum is much different than applying for refugee status in america kavita sarana is a senior reporting fellow at propublica and she explains their different legal terms for people who are essentially facing the same thing they're both people who are trying to escape some kind of violence or persecution in their home country refugees is the term for people who've been vetted by the united nations usually in a refugee camp abroad and then they're brought to a country willing to accept them like the united states or canada in a resettlement programme asylumseekers is the term for people who enter our country and then request the stay on the ground so a lot of times it's people who feel like they have to get out as fast as possible for example in central america.

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