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Marriages league vomit to me the whole no did you gotta on the next time we recording episode i wanna see you drink in one of your guy brunch stream i want there to be too much claiming that beverage there's got to be on i to get him in you uh now i want you to bar fun as god i oliver the microphone um please dump our now don't actually 'cause i bought that uh but now they have a caesar i'll revelled on me i'll try it idle thumbs l l c will pay for your sesar project expense that yeah finally expense report for your caesar what was the last time you expense something to adult thumbs and heffer really never they so you can if you need to okay in that might need that is either yes please i'm would not wilfully violence hansa lost tanks he are i want i will relish altering that into quick books all right well uh that's enough of that particular brand of stupidity shall we endorse yeah all right let's endorse soul carried oh okay means evert it just happened well when i say down no nate nate when you want to endorse let's go what are you what are you got oh i was going to start rotate uh i'm gonna doors those obvious guardian thing in the world but i'm just doing it because they don't have anything else to endorse i'm going to endorse blue planet to oh that's fine i mean yeah from abc generated by either of them yeah and everybody dividend bor i had not i've i've seen plant i've seen bill had when it earth's but i've never seen boop plan rate i would recommend it the what did what is it so it is all about the ocean okay um and the the way that they break each episode down like the second episode was applicable for me because it it's sort of like i find that with planet earth you know they tend to like group uh each episode around like an region of the world or what have you but there are a biomarker alley a by on what they do with blue planet because it's just all about the ocean is the the each episode has kind of framed around its own kind of narrative arc and then they sort of explore that one thing about the ocean but.

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