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Okay monica's fo- head surly big is this. What are we going to take you out my hopwood. Now what part speed you gonna take dip pick. Lips are knows. Pick whichever one i'll say. Lips lives yeah okay. Let's go with joe profile. We are heading. got my book. Okay we go. Pete moving where we're casey you high until you wait. Let's picture this person. Okay big forehead. Big is big lips omega drawn up and high but that is crazy. Sound we gotta get. We gotta get junior in college features. What's what's the Judy got good. I like to put down what he has left in places him to let go. Oh man why doing voice you gotta put that in there when you go okay dog on pick from okay Apac keys in a hand because he kill car. We're going to have that okay. A criminal record not ever criminal record. All hustle was allegedly allegedly crazy. Looking person i was going to be one. Chrysler ron up. Yeah the south is going through right now. You know the biggest thing. I don't think i'll know about it. Pipes are bursting in all these houses. That's what's really going. Pipe submerged and so you got people if you got upstairs downstairs. Water just wants pipe birth. That's it and especially if you don't know how to turn it off his really mad It's not good right now. We had pipe bursts in my house. One time we outhouse house for a year leaving. I believe year ho year year for them to fix it because they have to go inside. The walls oughta sheet rod on. We were out of town. What happened in the kitchen and were out in town for a weekend. So that means water going down down down. I'll kitchens on the third floor about house really. Okay let's go back to that right there. A lot of relating with you win the how when the piper it turned when you got to third flow and you'll kitchen was on the third floor that when it turned we will witchy. We all like to win the pipe bust that we which is when you told me you say the kitchen with on his main level of the house on the main level that the living room dining room all that but as third lebanon but it's two levels under that and how many levels above to mow that fat. You doing the mayor with me. See yo- busted pipe. We now go except when when we come. You see sir. What center man out he went. Oh my god. That's crazy steve. Oh and by the way. I saw your instagram For valentine's you and marjorie. that.

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