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I was like hey guys I actually got sick. You dump like you. You know you assholes you like inconsiderate Cox buffers well so. I'm excited that we have people like Eric who are out there and for to affect change because now is the time for all of us to do our part to call out the system to vote for the right people not just for our bank accounts because we see at the end of the day D- regardless of money. The people that really suffer are the minority so we have to get together. We have to do our part and we have to make a change. And I'm I'm glad he was here to talk to us into our listeners. And I wanNA thank everyone for tuning in. Thank you so much guys Don't forget to subscribe to us. Just tell your friends about US re tweet us do all the things stock us on instagram. Send US Love Letters. I love a love letter. I love ladder we love. We know pen pals here and tune in Thursday night where we're going to talk to finally Mandala Poor who's been Lepore busy even into quarantine guard your book in current team books. She's doing okay. So next third -posedly she's coming on to talk about her perspective on all this and I i WanNa know what she's been up to and how she's maintaining her beauty rick regime. You know what I'm saying thing I'm like I'm I'm holding on to deal with in this corner we are. I saw that is our show and we will see you on Thursday nights. There's something right take care. Something comes to Balloon Eric..

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