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Talk about their big business idea is TJ Evert's CEO of smart wheel, along with Laura Dunham, associate dean of the school of entrepreneurship. At Saint Thomas, tryst TJ, and Laura. Welcome to Bobby like carton. Glad to have you in the house. Thank you so much to be here. So TJ what inspired you and your team to come up with this idea. Yeah. Definitely. That you sort of started back when my friend, she just starting to learn to drive and around that time with the same time that Amar state of New Hampshire, had an aunt and acted antitax driving law. And I got to witness first hand some of the really crazy distractions that happened behind the wheel of new drivers. We've seen it driving down the highway. We see that person on their phone doing makeup doing something and causing weaving back and forth. And during that time we thought there must be a solution out there, obviously, the statistics are quite sagging their over thirty five hundred people who die each year, due to distracted driving, and over four hundred thousand people are seriously injured and research to always found were recording devices which are only after the fact. So the tell you fast, you're going when you hit the tree, they don't actually do anything prevent it. So we create a solution that would do two things one, it would be able to detect and help with many types of distraction. Not just cell phone use, and also that'd be able to alert drivers before an accident. Help them a date a void danger situation. To begin with. Interesting so share with our car listeners and viewers a little bit about your business. Definitely, so more will Inc. And our product is called smart wheel. It insults just like a regular steering. We'll cover.

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